27. Health Care


In the spirit world we do not have health problems of the physical kind, because we have left behind our physical body on earth. Your spiritual being that you brought with you to the spirit world does not encounter any health problems in itself, but the mind, and your thoughts, your consciousness, that are of what you will call the mental kind, is quite another aspect.

Mental disorders of the earth no longer prevail in the spirit world. People that were set back due to their mental disorders on earth have their mental health in good order when they have in a short period of time come to themselves. We all enjoy a short rest when we come back to the spirit world from the earth plane.

The amputated leg of the physical body has been repaired in the spirit world because it is part of the spiritual body, which cannot be damaged or hurt. The blind have got their sight back, and we have spiritual eyes that can penetrate all that is of the physical kind. We have the spectrum of light within our eyes, and nothing is lost. We all have a healthy spiritual body on this side of life.

Now, what is hampering on this side is how you lived your life on earth. If you lived a decent life where you had love for your fellow beings, lived a life in unselfishness and were helping others, then, my friend, you will meet exactly the same in the spirit world. You reap as you sow. Here you will have all the love multiplied in manifold of what you have given yourself. On the other side, if you lived a selfish life and only cared for yourself, for your own possessions, where you by that hurt people and misused power, then you will encounter the same difficulties on this side as you yourself were the master of on earth. In the spirit world you will be no longer any master.

Here you must repair what you made wrong. Here you will experience all that you yourself implied towards your fellow beings. That’s the law of cause and effect, and that is the only law that we know of.

If you sow the seed in good ground, good mould, and nurture the seed, and if it was a rose, then you will have a perfect rose nurtured by yourself and God with the atmosphere that he created on earth, with the sun giving light and blessings to the seed a rose that you cared for, and that you at the end can be proud of, and enjoy the perfume of, the beauty and the shape, just as you would like it to be in all its beauties.

If you plant a seed without nurturing it, not letting the sun of God shine upon it, not caring for it, not giving the right atmosphere that is of love and good thoughts, then, my friend, you will not have a rose, because the seed didn’t see the daylight, and didn’t receive the right nutrition.

Nature has given you the wonders of God’s work, and he wants you to do the same towards your fellow beings. Plant a seed of love wherever you go and nurture it, so you can create peace, harmony and love on your pathway.

You see my friend, the atmosphere that you breathe in and out, the air in the atmosphere consists of small drops of water. These drops of water are small molecules that change their behaviour based on the environment that they are in. They are living beings created by God. All living beings behave according to the atmosphere around them. If the atmosphere is of love, then the small molecules of the water behave like the beautiful rose. If they are in an environment which is of selfishness with no love, the energy that they create is exactly the same.

On earth, health is part of life, but you are given the potential to heal by natural medicine, by medical handicraft and by healing, by giving thoughts of love to your fellow beings, by creating an atmosphere of care and love. We on this side care for our fellow beings, we help wherever we can, we have, in a way, medical institutions and hospitals, but these are for mental disorders that people create by themselves, by misuse of power, by selfishness and by cruelty towards human beings and other living beings.

See, the nature, the beautiful nature that is given to you to appreciate, will not be appreciated if your mind is corrupt. Then, you don’t see the beauties of the world, neither on this side nor on your side. Here with us, we have such beauties that are unimaginable for you on earth, but they cannot be appreciated, cannot be seen if your mind is not of love. On this side, you really appreciate your mind when you have lived a decent life on earth. That is what you should do my friend; help others, give love, let go of your self, and let go of greed and vanity, and be truthful to yourself. Then you will enjoy a wonderful health in mind in the spirit world.

God is unconditional love and no one is forgotten. We are all in different stages of development and some are undeveloped, so undeveloped that they do cruel things to their brothers and sisters on earth. Help them to find the right pathway by setting a good example yourself. You can be a light for others to follow. Then you are in the spirit of God, which is unconditional love. We are all of the same spirit, the Almighty, our Father in heaven, God.

Help each other, care for each other, and love each other.

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