27. Conquer Yourself

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When you look into the mirror, you see your physical self. You look deep inside your eyes and you ask yourself: “Who am I really? I am born to this earth. I know who my parents are; I am fortunate to have the knowledge of whom my father and mother are. I look at myself and I ask, who is this creation that I can see in the mirror with such a perfect shape, with all the facilities and senses that are needed to fulfil my material life?” My friend, you can observe your physical self in the mirror, but you cannot see your true self, your spiritual self, the spirit that you have within, your eternal self. My friend, there is no death, and that is the wisdom you must find in life, the wisdom of yourself, your true self. You must find and seek for this wisdom within, the wisdom of life itself. When you know that there is no death that knowledge will change your life, that knowledge will bring to you a new way of observing life itself: how you perceive your friends, your fellow beings, how you comprehend Mother Nature, how you comprehend the universe and the position that you are in within yourself.

“But how can I know that I am a spirit?” you might ask. That is a question that will come to your mind and is there for you to discover, and, my friend, you can find the answer to this question when you build the Bridge of Love, when you walk on this bridge and seek for your loved ones, for your friends, on the other side of the veil, in the world beyond, because on the Bridge of Love, you can have communion as you have on earth, you can find the way towards the oneness with your Creator, the oneness in love, because the Bridge of Love is built by the hands of God.

In your life on earth you have the passions that are there for you to experience and to master. You are filled with emotions and they are there for you to discipline, for you to use your intellect to understand, for you to raise yourself above and evaluate. Use your reasoning and your logic to see what is right from wrong. All has been given to you to find your true self, to raise yourself spiritually and to conquer the emotions that are of the negative sort that will hold you down on the material plane.

Selfishness is a major obstacle in your world to sharing your resources, to bringing your world out of suffering. When people know that they are one big family, that they are all children of God, that they are brothers and sisters and that they are here on earth to bring love, to bring peace to this big family then your earth will progress, and where there is love, heaven will descend on the earth plane. That is your objective: to heal your world, to bring love to your world.

Conquer yourself and be a light for others. Bring the knowledge of life on your pathway, so others can see how to live their lives, can know that what you do to others, you do to yourself.

When you build the treasure within yourself, the treasure of love, you will pour love over your brothers and sisters, because that is the only pathway towards God, that is how you build the treasure of love within, to give of yourself, to be in service for your fellow beings. You have to reflect on your life, you have to balance your life. You are living in a material world, but if you forget your spiritual self you are on the wrong path. You have to balance the material and the spiritual life because you need to sustain your physical body when on earth, but you also need to find your true self, and when you do that you will heighten yourself, you will aid in balancing the resources of your world, you will share and you will unselfishly help wherever you can on your pathway in life.

People that are undeveloped, that do not see the spiritual aspect of themselves, are not in a position to build up the heaven within themselves, they only fill themselves with emptiness, and this is also what they will receive when they come to the world beyond, emptiness. They will come emptyhanded, and they will have to start from the beginning. On the earth plane decent behaviour helps your fellow beings. In the world beyond, we help our brothers and sisters, but we are here to tell you to find the love that your Father brought to you at birth so you can nourish this spirit within when on the earth plane, in this school of life, so you can build the treasure within yourself when on earth because here is the place to find your true self, here is where you are to experience and learn about your spirit, the passions and the emotions of life. You are here to find your true self. You are here to help your brothers and sisters in your family, so you all can be part of the mission, the mission to heal your world.

Conquer yourself, that is how to know yourself, that is how to find your true self, that is how to find the wisdom of God. Seek God, seek his knowledge, seek the answer that you have been longing for in life, the answer to life that there is no death, that you are an eternal being and that you do not have to believe in a certain philosophy or religion. You can enter the Bridge of Love and find the answer yourself. You can truly find the answer to life itself on the Bridge of Love in communion with your friends and loved ones that have passed to the unseen world that you someday also will be part of.

Love is the answer to find your true self, love is the answer to conquer yourself, love is of God, love is the wisdom of life, love is how to build the Bridge of Love, love is building the Bridge of Love, love will heal you, love will heal your world, wisdom of life itself will heal your world. Be a light for others, prepare the way for others, so they can see the beauty that you leave behind, the beauty of love, the meadow of beautiful flowers that will grow on your pathway, that will be a garden so wonderful that people will look upon you and say: “What have you done to yourself and to life when you can bring such beauty to other people?” Then, my friend, you can give them the wisdom of life, then you can tell them that there is no death, and that love is the way of life to create this garden of beauty that you have.

Conquer yourself and be the hands of God, be the hands of love on earth.

Raise yourself spiritually because in spirituality you will climb the ladder towards your Father, towards the light of the universe, towards the power that made you all, the power of God, the love from God that you received at birth, that is there for you to nourish so it can be revealed to you and to your fellow beings, the beauty of life, the love from God.

Conquer yourself my friend, raise yourself and be love yourself. That is your ultimate objective to become love, to become in oneness with your Creator.

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