26. We are all Mediums


What a wonderful creation we are with such tremendous possibilities. As a human being you received different senses your sight, your hearing, your taste, your smell, your touch and also the sense of knowing that you are part of the consciousness of God, the sixth sense that you need to nurture, to develop. It is there when you know that someone is there with you, but you don’t know who, it is there when you have received a thought in your mind, and you don’t know where it came from. It was suddenly there, and you thought perhaps that your own brain, your own mind, made it up? Strange thoughts, that suddenly came to you and turned you around to another pathway and said to you: “Don’t do that”, or “Treat that person as you would do unto yourself”, or “Take that pathway, you are doing something wrong”. That is the consciousness, the sixth sense that you have as a medium.

When you look at someone, when you look at your child and just by merely looking at it, you send a thought and say to the child: “Don’t do that”, then you send a message telepathically, even though you don’t know you do, to the child and it knows the message instantly. “Don´t put your fingers on the oven, it is hot”, and when you go towards the child and show your love, take their hand and say: “My child, if you put your fingers on the oven you will burn yourself, because it is hot”, you are a medium, whether you send a thought telepathically or truly by the act of telling. We are all mediums somehow in our lives.

Likewise, when the teachers teach their students, the teachers act as mediums, when the mother tells her children how to behave, she acts as a medium, when you in your workplace help another colleague, you act as medium. When you tell a friend that you are in sorrow, because you behaved in a wrong manner, and a thought came to you that the person was hurt and you needed to rectify and restore the friendship between you, that thought may have come from an unseen friend and you acted as a medium.

We from the spirit world have an interest in being part of your world, to help you and to give you thoughts of love. We that give you such advice have elevated ourselves and know what is right from wrong.

When you feel the presence of a beloved friend that has passed on to the spirit world, that thought or feeling has made it possible, because your friends listen to your thoughts when they are directed to them. It is as if you send an electrical charge to them, and they as a radio station receive that signal that you send to them.

We are human beings like you, but are parted from you by a thin veil, and that is the only thing that is preventing us from talking to each other in a physical manner. If you speak to us loudly within yourself, we can listen and be with you, and we will send our thoughts to you for your comfort and for our comfort so we can rejoice together.

Like attracts like. Therefore, you have spirits of different degrees of spirituality that are part of your earth plane, and spirits try to influence you with their thoughts.

Elevated spirits will give you good loving thoughts, inspire you to do the right things in life, whereas spirits that are still undeveloped will try to influence you with their thoughts. It is the same as with your fellow beings on earth. You have friends that are elevated, that have good thoughts in mind and will try to influence you in a positive manner, and likewise you have fellow beings that do the opposite because they have not raised themselves spiritually. They do not know that what you give to others, you give to yourself, that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. When you give love, you will receive love. That is cause and effect and the law of the universe. Wherever you are, that law prevails.

Now, for you that have a strong wish to develop yourself, your mediumistic abilities, I can tell you this, my friend: That road is a long road to travel, but also dependent on what you in your mind would like to achieve. I have told you that we are all mediums, even if you don’t know, you are a medium, because that is part of your human being, that is part of your senses that were given to you at birth.

When you know that we that have passed on are in the spirit world, that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that we are still with you as human beings, more alive and more real than you yourself, because we are our true selves, that we have the liberty to move and be in any place instantly because to us there is neither time nor space, and when you know this you will seek more understanding and knowledge, and the way is open to enhance your mediumistic abilities. Then you can raise yourself spiritually and climb to a level where you will open up other abilities within yourself, where you in your inner mind have the potential to see clairvoyantly and hear clairaudiently spirits from this side. You may then feel and be conscious of the thoughts that are given to you by the spirit world.

On the Bridge of Love, everything is possible. We can meet on the Bridge of Love when you have developed your mediumistic abilities, and we can be able and have the opportunity to materialise as you have heard from you scriptures. We can be together in human form and speak to you as we once did. But I tell you this, my friend: that this is a long road to travel. You will need a determined mind, and you will need to come in love, in pure love. You will need to raise yourself to such spirituality so you can be part of this consciousness, of God’s consciousness. You will need to leave your fear behind, but the knowledge that you gain by studying, by raising yourself, will dispel your fear.

We know that you that read these words and have no previous knowledge about the spirit world, that have a material mind concentrated on the material aspect of life, will probably shake your head and say: “This is impossible”, but I tell you this, my friend: that nothing is impossible in the consciousness of your Father in heaven, and that is where you should travel if you wish to have the knowledge, the truth of your own being. You yourself can find the truth about life. My friend, we come to you to tell the truth so you yourself can know, so you do not need to stay in the wilderness, so you can have the opportunity to find the treasure within yourself, a treasure that God gave you at birth, a hidden treasure that you need to nurture by love for your fellow beings, that you need to bring into the light. You have the potential within to raise yourself towards such beauty that will give you peace of mind, such peace that you yourself could never have imagined because it is hidden to you, but it is there for you to explore; the truth of life.

Study your scriptures, study and know that everything that has been said that is of love is true, and when you know and keep in heart that God is unconditional love, the scriptures will tell you many beautiful lessons in life. Study material that will raise your spiritual self. Study material that has love within itself, where selfishness is banned, where honesty prevails, and where greed and the need for power is the wrong pathway to follow in life. When you cultivate love, when you help others, when you forget about yourself and let others come first, you raise yourself and the beauty within starts to flicker. There, you will see a bright light and know that you are part of the Almighty Father because he has started to operate within yourself, and as a medium you will develop yourself, you will then know that you are part of God’s consciousness and that you are an eternal being.

My friend, there is no death. Know that we are close by and that God sees everything, and that you are a medium. And whatever you do in life, you must do in love, and then you can never go wrong. In love and unselfishness you will raise yourself and find peace within your heart.

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