26. The Power of Love

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God created you.
God created your planet.
God created the sun.
God created your solar system.
God created the universe.
God created all there is.
God is the power of love.
Love is the power of the universe.
Love has made all there is.

Can you imagine what kind, what this tremendous power is when it is the Creator of all there is, of everything, from the infinitely small, the smallest atom, the smallest creations that you cannot see with your physical eyes, to the endless universe of what you can perceive and, as you know from your science, the galaxies that are beyond your comprehension. As with the infinite universe, the power of love is infinite. But, my friend, I can reveal to you a truth that you may not comprehend at first: that you have this power within yourself, the power of love, the seed that you received from your Father at birth, that you were born with. You are a spirit, you are of God, you are of this power, and you have been made by this power of love.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was love, and the word was of God. And that is your origin, that is where you started your journey, because you have been part of God for eternity. You are the past, the present and the future, and you, my friend, are on the earth plane to evolve, you have been given the opportunity to attend the school of life here on earth, and your Father has given you a physical body to attend to the material life, to experience the passions of your self, the passions of the earthly plane, the passions of the material life. You are here to find your true self, to find the wisdom of God, that you are a spirit, that you are here for a purpose; you are here to find this power within yourself, this power of love.

On the earth plane, every day you experience emotions, the feelings that you have within you, and love is a beautiful emotion and passion that you can give to others, that you can build up within yourself, that you can pour over your fellow beings so you can raise yourself, so you can nourish the seed from your Father that you received at birth, so you can build the heaven within yourself, as you were supposed to do on the earth plane. You are here to build the love, the heaven, within yourself that you can use to heal your world that you bring along to the world beyond. You see, my friend, the power of love has been given to you to heal your world, to transform your world into a beautiful place for everyone. Your Father created this wonderful blue planet. And you are here to fulfil your mission to create harmony, peace, and to bring love to this earth plane, to heal your world, to heal yourself.

There is anger, there is hatred in your world, there is so much emotion from your passions that you are here to master, passions of selfishness, greed and vanity, passions of the flesh, the lust of the flesh, that are here for you to raise yourself above, to find your true self, so you can look upon the passions, the material life, from a spiritual angle and say to yourself: “I know the wisdom of my Father. I know love must prevail, that love is the only pathway towards the oneness of the power of the universe, towards the healing of everyone, every child, all the people of this world.” What a wonderful mission you have, all of you, all human beings on the earth plane. You are here to raise yourself spiritually, to find the power of love within yourself, to find your mission in life, and that is to bring heaven on earth, where there is pure love, where you are in oneness with your Creator, where you are one in love. God is love, God is unconditional love, and he wants you to find this beauty, this treasure within yourself so you can be his hands on earth, so you can humble yourself to such a degree that you find your origin. Live a life in modesty, live a life in moderation and share with others, give of yourself and you will build the power, the treasure within yourself. That is the pathway to God, and that is the pathway to love, love within yourself and love in your world.

Love is the key to make your world unselfish,
Love is the key to transform your world,
Love is the key to find your true self,
Love is the key to bring charity,
Love will solve conflicts in your world,
Love will eradicate war and cruelty.

Love will heighten your world into a place where heaven can be a reality for the earth, for your life here on this material plane. Everything is possible when you know that you were created by love, that all has been made by this power of the universe. It is beyond your comprehension to know at first that love is the Creator, that love is the power of the universe that has made all, because you have to know that you are in but one vibration in a vast universe. You are in this vibration to learn and to experience the material life, and when you leave your physical body behind you enter a new vibration, a life in the world beyond where you will experience a new adventure, a new life, but you have to accomplish your mission on earth before you come to this side of life, and that is given to you by God, that is given to you in love.

What a wonderful mission you have on the earth plane. You are here to bring love, to bring peace, to bring harmony to your world, to your big family on earth, because the children of the earth are your brothers and sisters and you are one big family. Let there be love among the members, among the brothers and sisters, among the souls that dwell on this earth plane. Let there be harmony within yourself so you can be a light for your world. Bring this knowledge to your world, the wisdom of God, the power of love, so you can experience heaven on earth, both within yourself and as a whole. What a wonderful mission you have, my friend.

Be sure that when you come to this side you can look back on the earth plane and say to yourself: “I did my Father’s will, I brought love to the earth plane when I was there, I can now see that what I did was beautiful, what I brought to my fellow beings.” Do not come emptyhanded to the world beyond; do not come to this world without love in your heart. Because heaven is built within yourself in love and that heaven is what you will receive when you come to the spirit world, to the world beyond. Love is all there is, love is the power, the force that drives all, that drives everything. Without love there would be emptiness. Become love yourself, because in love you will fulfil your mission. The power of love will transform your world. It is there for you. Let your hands be of love, be of God, and you will bring heaven on earth.

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