26. Thankfulness


A life,
A life brought alive,
A new life,
A new adventure,
A wonderful nature,
A wonderful place.

A place, a beginning,
A new beginning,
No past, only present and future,
Brought alive in love.

A new life,
A new world,
All fresh.

A memory for you to build
In thankfulness,
A new path
In a new life.

You are given a chance,
A new opportunity
For you to find your true self,
For you to build a life in love,
In love for your brothers and sisters,
Your family on Earth.

Build a wonderful life,
Care, Share, Love,
Employ these words in your acts, your deeds,
In your new life.
Make that your path,
Your memory,
Your life.

A life in thankfulness for building the beauty within,
For creating heaven within,
For revealing heaven on Earth,
As your own memory,
By your own acts and deeds in life,
In thankfulness for your life,
In thankfulness for a new opportunity
To raise yourself towards the light of love,
Towards the oneness with your Creator,
Towards his love, his love for you all,
A wonderful Creation
For you to fulfil,
For you to build,
For you to bring forth,
Your love for all,
God’s love.

Free will for you to master,
Free will in a new life.
All has been given
For you to make the right choice,
To find the wisdom,
God’s love on Earth and within you,
A new life in thankfulness.

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