26. Protection


In your world there are many people of different thoughts. You have thoughts of love, you have thoughts of friendship, you have thoughts of despair, you have thoughts of greed, of vanity, of the need for expressing oneself in different manners and with different attitudes. All these thoughts create a net that you have to live within, a net like the spider creates, where you are captured, but you yourself can create your own protection.

There is one force in the universe that penetrates all and casts aside the thoughts of the negative sort, thoughts of selfishness, thoughts of greed, thoughts of vanity and thoughts of dishonesty, and this is love. When you have love within yourself, when you have love that you express from within and out, that power gives you protection from all the thoughts you want to be protected from on earth.

The thoughts of love have an effect upon yourself and the energy that surrounds you, the aura. This aura field, when you have the power within yourself, will not float around and grab the thoughts of the negative sort. You will create a shield where your aura field will contract. You yourself are the master of your aura. You don’t need to take in negative energy because you can protect yourself, and you build this power within, by giving love, by being unselfish, by being truthful. Then you raise yourself spiritually and you increase the power within.

This power you can feel when you are developed spiritually, on your forehead, in your third eye as you may call it. It is an energy channel that goes through the Pineal gland. It’s a tunnel of light, of energy that controls your energy field, your aura. When you meet and experience this energy field, you will learn more. That is one of your powerful chakras, as you term them on earth, and that is written so much about.

Your third eye is the gateway to the world beyond. But how can you develop this power station within yourself? My friend, seek for the highest, meditate within, sit in stillness, seek God, seek the power of love, and we will help you to expand the centre of your own universe within yourself. This is your control centre that works automatically when you reach higher spiritually within yourself, but first search for God, for the light. Concentrate your mind on God, the power of unconditional love, the mightiest force in the universe, that you are part of, that you have to develop within yourself, that you have to expand and to nurture with your spiritual mind.

Nothing is given to you if you are not searching. You have to expand the seed within you by helping others, by giving thoughts of love towards others, by being unselfish and by charity. Charity is the key to your own protection within this world so you yourself can achieve peace within. You have the power within yourself.

People of the earth do not understand this power, most people would be fairer to say, because some know, and they are telling you. They are bringing the message forward, that you are more than your physical being, that you are a spiritual being, and that is your real you.

When you catch a negative energy around you, you don’t know, most of you, how to protect yourself. The negative thoughts from your world and also from our world influence your daily life. Protect yourself with love, then nothing can harm you, no thoughts, no negative thoughts can ever harm you when you have the power of love within yourself.

When you suddenly feel that you are depressed, you feel the thought of the negative kind. Meet it with a loving thought, with an unselfish thought. Remember the saying of Christ; turn the other cheek when someone hurts you. That is your protection, that’s how you protect yourself when you have the power of love within. That is what you are using to fight any negative influence. Your protection is your love for your fellow beings, your love for humankind, and your love that you have in your heart that is given to you by the Almighty. That love will flourish in your heart and you are protected my friend, and then nothing can harm your inner being, your spiritual self. Good thoughts attract good thoughts.

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