26. In Communion

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Within yourself, you have a connection, you have a seed of love, and you are a spirit of God. On the earth plane, you are an independent individual, you have free will and you can ordain your life as you so wish, according to your desires, according to what your passion is your passion for work, for your interests in life but this connection with your Creator is still there, it is an unseen force that you can bring alive, that you can touch with your soul. It is a communion that you can establish in love with your Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Mother, your parents, your Creator that made you, that made all, that made the universe as you see it with your physical eyes, as you one day will perceive with your spirit eyes, another vibration than your earth plane, but still the communion with your Creator is alive, and more alive than your connection on earth because we in the spirit world, in the world beyond, see this power in action, we use this power ourselves. That is how we create our lives, that is how we use love to make our lives beautiful.

The communion between souls that are close, that are attracted to each other, that you can attain in love, can be brought alive on the Bridge of Love, because the bridge is built by the hands of the Almighty Spirit, and it is built in love. This bridge can only come into life, and your life, when you seek for the highest within you, when you turn yourself to your Creator and ask for his guidance, ask him to build this bridge, to build the communion between you. You can be in communication with the spirit world, with discarnate beings, in this communion that is blessed by your Father in heaven.

The living force that you were made of can be employed on the Bridge of Love for you to see the truth of life, for us to come in materialised form. We use this living force to materialise ourselves, and we use the power of love to create ourselves how we used to be on the earth plane, so you can see and observe, listen, feel and smell our being as you recall our presence when we were alive in our physical flesh. That was what Christ did with his friends. He materialised himself, and he was not the first and not the last, as you have from the scriptures. Many have materialised and that is the truth, because the living force of God is alive and can be used to create whatever you have on the earth plane. It is the source of life. This living force is what we employ in the world beyond to create what we need, what we wish in love for our lives, for our brothers and sisters, for our big family.

This should not be a miracle to your mind, because it is of nature’s law. But it is a hidden truth to you when you live in the material world and distance yourself from the spiritual life, because when you only see your own vibration, when you only bring your life in to materiality, you discard the fact that you were born out of this living force yourself, you take your life for granted, and you do not see beyond your material plane. Then you must understand that you will not evolve towards the truth of life, towards your spiritual self. Look further, and have communion with your Heavenly Father, with your Heavenly Mother, have communion with the spirit world under God´s guidance, in the power of love.

On the Bridge of Love you can have the truth of life, you can see and feel with your senses that life is eternal, that there is no death, that your physical life is there for you to learn, to experience the material plane of being so you can raise yourself spiritually, so you can master the passions of the earth, so you can find your true self.

Communion between spheres of life is of the truth. You have experienced other worlds with your technology under the microscope that you did not know existed. You have discovered the universe with your telescope, and all has been given to you to evolve, to see beyond your physical eyes, to see beyond the material plane. And you, my friend, can go further, you can have communion with the world next to yours, the world where you will come one day after you leave your physical body behind at death, at your earthly death. Life is eternal and on the Bridge of Love, you can melt your world and our world together in love, and we can be as one. There is no separateness in the communion of love because that communion is of God, is of his wisdom.

Release yourself from the dogmas of religion that teaches you that communion is forbidden. It is not, it is a creation made by your Creator, by your Father and Mother in heaven. It is built by their hands in love for you, so you can have communion with your dear ones, with your loved ones, that have passed on to the next dimension. Why should that be forbidden, my friend? Why? Ask yourself this question. It should not, it is love, and it is of God. Let the communion between you as incarnate and your friends that are discarnate be blessed by God and you are in his hands, and in his love. That is where the communion should be.

God is love, and he gives you his wisdom when you seek, when you turn yourself to him with no fear, because how can you fear your Creator, when he is only love, unconditional love. He will always love you as a child of his, as your own mother and father on earth loves you. You see, my friend, it is misunderstood that God is anything else but love.

Bring this knowledge, this wisdom of God, to your heart. That will build the treasure within, that will create the heaven of love within yourself, that you can bring to your world, that you can give and share with your brothers and sisters on earth. You are one big family, and God is for all children on earth, all living beings. Mother Earth was created in love for you to find peace and happiness, for you to raise yourself towards his wisdom, towards his love. It cannot be more wrong, then, to deny yourself as a spirit of God, as a child in his creation.

In his family there is communion. It is not forbidden, communion is of God, communion in love. Fill yourself with love and you become part of his family, his consciousness of love. Do not separate yourself from this family. He wants you all to love each other, that you should be one family, incarnate and discarnate. We are of the same Creator.

Your physical body on earth is only a vehicle for you to walk the school of life, but you are a spirit as we are in the world beyond. We are all spirits of the same Creator, and we are all one big family, and in this family there is communion, there is a mother, there is a father, there are children, and we all communicate with each other. We are all one, and we are of the same love. God reveals himself to you on the Bridge of Love, through the creation that you meet, that is beyond the material world. He reveals the love that he has for you all; he reveals the truth of life when you seek in love. That communion is blessed by your Creator, the communion in love for all of his children of his family.

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