25. Why Spirituality?


God is the past, the present and the future. Your true self, your spiritual self, is of God. The spirit that you have within yourself survives the physical death when you leave your physical body behind on the earth plane. Your true self, the spirit within, the divine spirit, will live on, has always been part of God, has always existed as part of eternity. You are all children of God, and only God knows your past, your present and your future. God is omnipresent and the wisdom of eternity.

My friend, do you want to know your true self? Do you want to know your Creator, your Father and Mother, God that you have within yourself, the spark that was given to you here on earth to keep your physical body alive? To find the answer to this question you will have to find your true self, you will have to search within, you will have to search in Mother Nature with all its revelations so you can understand yourself and your Father. That is spirituality. That is why you want to have the knowledge of spirituality yourself.

Now, spirituality is the answer, to heal yourself and to heal your world. The suffering of your world, the despair that you can see with your own physical eyes, that you are given every day on your television set, should be sufficient answer for why spirituality is of such vital importance in life, because spirituality is the wisdom that gives you the tools to repair your world, to heal your world.

People of the earth do not know themselves, they only see the material level. They have to heighten themselves; they have to see that the spiritual aspect is foremost in their lives. That is where they will find their treasure in life. That is where they will find love, true love, in oneness with their Creator, with their Father in heaven.

But what kind of wisdom will spirituality give you? It will give you the wisdom of God, that you are an eternal being, that you are here on earth to attend the school of life, to raise yourself, to find your true self, to see that the passions of the earth are there for you to master, that they are there as part of your physical self so you can have the opportunity to see that selfishness, greed, vanity, the misuse of power and the lust of the physical flesh are there for you to use you intellect to master, to control and to conquer in life.

Why spirituality? Why materiality? Materiality and spirituality go hand in hand for you to learn life, for you to find your true self. You are here on the material level to climb the ladder of spirituality, to enter the gate of God’s wisdom, and you will find that wisdom within spirituality, within your self, within your real spiritual self. Materiality is the school of life, where spirituality will emerge when you evolve and use your intellect to see all the creations and the revelations of God. Everything is given to you for you to understand yourself and for you to bring love to this earth plane, because that is your mission, to bring love, to heal your world, to raise yourself above the passions of the earth plane, the passions that keep you down, that hold you down.

With spirituality you will find the wisdom of life, you will find peace of mind, you will find the true happiness that you can have on the earth plane, you will find the real life, you will understand that when you climb the ladder of spirituality, you will come into a position where you get the right perspective on life, where you will see that the material life, the life here on earth, the family that you were raised within, all the events that you experienced in life, were there for you to evolve, to come to your self and your Creator, because your ultimate destination is to be in oneness with God in love, because God is love, God is unconditional love and he wants you as his child to be one with him, to be in his consciousness of love, because that is where you came from, that is where you were made, that is where the creation has its centre, its wonderful beauty and you can find this beauty within yourself, this treasure of life, this bright light that you can find within your own self.

When you heighten yourself to such a degree as Christ did, then you will know that you are one with God, with your Father, and that you are of the mightiest power in the universe, the mightiest force there is, and that power is of love. You can find this power within yourself, you can be part of this power of love, and you can take part in the healing work in your world, when you find yourself, when you see that love is everything in life, when you see that God is love, and that you yourself must become love to find your true self, to heal yourself, to be part of the great mission on your earth plane to heal your world, to tell the truth of life that there is no death, that you are here on earth to raise yourself spiritually, to find your oneness with God, with the power of love in the universe.

What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. What a wonderful message we have for the world. We are here to tell you the truth that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that spirituality is the answer to heal your world, to heal yourself, to find your real self.

In spirituality there is pure Love,
In spirituality there is Honesty
In spirituality there is Charity
In spirituality you Share your Resources
In spirituality there is Happiness
In spirituality there is Peace
In spirituality there is Kindness and Friendliness
In spirituality there is Care
In spirituality there is Health
In spirituality you find your Treasure
In spirituality you find your True Self
In spirituality you find the Wisdom of God
In spirituality you become one with God in his consciousness of Love

There is your answer, my friend.

Spirituality is your pathway to your Father in heaven, to the heaven within yourself, to the beauty that you were given at birth, to your spiritual self.

Spirituality will heal and bring comfort to your world.

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