25. What is Death?


You are alive. You can think, you can observe your surroundings, you can reflect, you can have in your mind what happened yesterday, and you have in front of you what you will make out of the day with your activities with your friends and family. You can plan ahead for the days to come, for the weeks, the months, the years ahead, and you are conscious of yourself and your surroundings. You look upon your life. It is difficult to imagine that you someday will leave this earth plane and that your physical body shall be turned into mould. It is difficult to imagine that your thoughts, all the love that you have within yourself, all the relationships, all that you have made out of life, shall be taken away from you. My friend, nothing will be taken away from you, because there is no death.

What is death, my friend? Death is merely a transition where your spiritual being, your soul, is severed from your physical body. Your physical body is left behind and your soul revives.

From the scriptures you are told that the prophets from ancient times, like Paul, Elijah, Peter, Elisha and Christ, raised people that were dead, but were they dead? Elijah raised the ‘dead’ son of a widow, Peter raised the ‘dead’ Dorcas, Elisha raised the ‘dead’ Eutychus, Christ raised the ‘dead’ daughter of Jairus, the child, and Christ raised ‘dead’ Lazarus. From the dead?

When you were born you were connected to your mother with a cord that was severed from your physical body, and then you were not part of your mother for nutrition. You became a separate being, a separate soul. At death you are also connected with a cord to your spiritual being, your soul and your physical body are connected similarly with a cord, and that cord needs to be severed before death takes place, and then my friend, there is no return to normal life on earth in flesh.

Now back to the question. Did Christ and the other prophets raise the dead? Were these people actually dead? People thought that they were dead due to their seemingly dead nature of being. Their physical body, their pulse and heartbeat were not responding and were difficult to achieve an understanding of. They could not be resuscitated, they were not conscious and people thought they were dead.

When confronted by the sisters of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, Christ told them, according to your scriptures, that the “sickness is not unto death”. Christ knew, must have known clairvoyantly and clairaudiently, that Lazarus was not dead, that his soul was not severed from his physical body because probably if so, he would have said that Lazarus was dead. Christ knew with his psychic abilities that Lazarus was not actually dead. He knew that he could heal him and make him free from his illness. My friend, when the cord is severed from the physical body as it is at birth, then your soul, your spiritual being, becomes part of your physical being, and then at death the opposite occurs, your spiritual being departs from your physical being at the moment of death. Then, there is no return to a normal life in the physical flesh.

However, even though we are dead, but still alive, we may return to you and materialise on the Bridge of Love, if we can meet in love, if we can meet in faith to our Father in heaven, and with this we develop an atmosphere where materialisation can take place, where we are given the opportunity to come back and show ourselves, show that we are still alive, show ourselves in physical flesh by the living force given to us by God. Then we can still be with you in human form for a while, but we cannot enter the earthly plane in the same manner as we were in the physical body.

That is what people have done from ancient times, and the one you know the best is Christ, because he materialised in such a manner for his friends, for his disciples, to show that life goes on. Materialisations are done even today. There are mediums on the earth plane that can exude this living force and can make this happen. It is not a miracle. It is only nature’s law.

What a wonderful opportunity we have together, to show the world that life goes on, that there is no death, that we are real eternal beings, children of God. When people of the earth have this knowledge, they will raise themselves, they will be conscious of what they use their time for in life. They will know that love must prevail. They will know that selfishness is of no value. They will know that the treasure that they have within themselves cannot be obtained with earthly goods, because the teachings from the spirit world, the wisdom of God, will shine upon the earth. Christ in his period showed the way when he told you that his teachings of love were there to raise yourself, were there to raise humankind towards God.

We come to you in the spirit of the Almighty to tell you the truth of being that people of the earth have not comprehended, that love and unselfishness is the only way to heal yourself and to heal the world.

Death is merely opening a new door to a new life. You don’t even at first know that you are dead, because it is only your physical body that is left behind. You yourself are real. You will look at yourself and say: “What has happened?” You will see your body lying there and you will look at yourself and say: “How can this be? I am here and there is my body?” Well, my friend, that is how the transition, the opening of the door to the new life, will come to you.

You will be where you are until your sight towards your friends and family will take you to their realm. There are many mansions on this side of life, an expression you have from your scriptures. We say that there are many spheres of life. There are many different spheres with different consciousness, and you will come to the sphere that your consciousness is part of. You can make the transition to a beautiful treasure within yourself when you have the knowledge, when you know now, that death is merely opening a new door, that you are alive and much more real than you are today, because it is your real self that survives the physical death.

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