25. Never Give Up


In the desert the sun is shining and the temperature is high. When you find yourself in the desert without water and with such a temperature, you become exhausted, but you are still walking because within yourself you have a dream that there must come an end to this horrible place where you are suffering, where your own physical body finds itself in a situation where it was not supposed to be, drained and depleted of energy. But then, all of a sudden, your dream is fulfilled. You see a palm and a water well, and you have reached your destination. You survived and you can drink and fill your body with this wonderful beauty of the earth, the water itself that suddenly was revealed to you like an angel from heaven.

Christ was in the desert for forty days, as you have in your scriptures, and he was suffering and tried within his mind with all the passions that are there, and he survived, coming out of the desert with victory. And so it is with you, my friend, when you are struggling on the pathway on earth, even though it is not a desert, but a struggle where you will search this palm and this water well where you can reinforce yourself, where you can collect yourself and retrieve strength. Then you have also achieved victory because you have overcome the struggles you met on your pathway.
Never give up as long as you are alive in your physical body. Never give up. It is better to keep trying and die with this objective in mind, because then you have done your uttermost in your life on earth.

When you are on earth, you are in a school of life where you are tried and tested, where you learn from your mistakes, where you raise yourself from the errors you have made, because that is your experience in life, and by experience you learn. That is the way of life here on earth, to acquire knowledge to find your true self.

God has given you this lesson, this challenge, so you can purify your spirit, so you can find the pathway towards love, towards the oneness and the consciousness of your Father. That is your ultimate objective: to find your true self, to find the love that your Father gave you at birth, that you should nourish on earth and pour over your pathway so you can be a helping hand for your brothers and sisters on earth.

Never give up. There are always new possibilities and new adventures in this life. Stretch yourself further, forgive your enemies, forgive your opponents and try to learn, try to see the perspective of life, try to see the different sides, the different angles of behaviour. Because in this manner you will understand and comprehend more of life, more of people, more of their inner feelings. The empathy of other people is a learning process for you so you can gain knowledge of yourself, so you can raise yourself in empathy, in understanding, of others’ feelings and of others’ attitudes in life.

Create your own pathway, but be sure that you serve wherever that pathway takes you, and have love in your mind when you travel on your journey on this earth plane, so you can say to yourself when you leave this physical plane one day: “I never gave up, I served and I tried as far as I could, but I never gave up. I served my brothers and sisters and I helped wherever I could. I provided for my family and I gave of myself.”

The leaders of your world need a magnanimous attitude in life. They have to forgive and start with a blank page when they evaluate and approach countries that have misbehaved. Forgiveness is of God, it is of love, it is a wonderful behaviour when one is able to forgive for past mistakes, failures and errors in life, and the failures one has made oneself.

Freedom, justice, forgiveness and love are there for you to grasp, for you to hold close to your heart and say that there is only one pathway and that is through bringing mercy and the good values of life into your decisions, into your comprehension of the future, because it is only through the wisdom of God, the wisdom of love, that you will find yourself, that you will find the pathway towards peace, towards a prosperous life for every child on this earth plane.

Never give up. A task, a mission, might seem to you as impossible to achieve, to overcome, but when you have the attitude, the magnanimous attitude, you can conquer your world, you can conquer the passions of life, you can raise your world to a higher spirituality and in that manner you will bring love to your world, you will bring justice and fairness to every child that is born on this beautiful blue planet.

You are responsible for your own behaviour. Let that behaviour be of love, and you can never go wrong. You can then look back on your life on earth when you one day go to the world beyond, and say to yourself: “I never gave up, I gave of myself, and I brought love to the world, to my brothers and sisters that I was part of.”

One day you will look back upon your life here on earth and you, I can assure you, will appreciate the love that you gave, the justice you brought your world, the friendship and kindness you gave to your brothers and sisters. I can assure you that when you have this in mind, this attitude of behaviour on the earth plane, your Almighty Father will crown your work. You will find heaven on this side of life, as you built heaven on your side.

Heaven on earth is realistic, heaven on earth is your objective, heaven on earth is to bring love to your planet, is to take care of every child, of all people, and share and bring a good life for everyone, it is the fundament for a decent life on earth.

Never give up, my friend. Nothing is impossible when you have love in your heart, when you have trust in God, because faith can move mountains, faith can bring harmony and peace to your world, faith in love, faith in God.

Never ever give up, my friend.

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