25. Living

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You sit in a sofa in a living room, and have a table in front of you. You have paintings on the walls, pictures of different colours and beauties. The furniture is light beige, fluffy, of some kind of textile. You have a wonderful view over the ocean and beautiful surroundings that you can see from where you are sitting in your living room, green grass and nice flowers. Music of the classical mode is playing in the atmosphere around you. It seems like the room is filled with music and filled within self, wonderful to listen to and be part of. My friend, you are in the spirit world in your living room.

You make your living room with your mind, with the things you had on earth that were dear to you, either it was a picture, a chair, a sculpture or a book. If there is something you would like to have, you can have it in the spirit world if you have the power of thought within, the power you created in purity on earth by love for your fellow beings, by unselfishness, unselfish acts and good deeds. All these bring clarity to mind and give you the potential to create whatever you want that is of love.

We live in a city or in the countryside. Where you find yourself is where you are attracted. You find on this side the place that you make for yourself on earth. It may be difficult to understand, but everything is in your thoughts, in your mind, and it is created within yourself. You obtain on this side what you achieved by your spirituality on earth.

You have heaven within. You create your own paradise and this is automatic. In the sphere you are attracted to, for most of us to a beautiful land on this side of life, you will see the same nature, the same surroundings as others when you are on the same level of spirituality. The city and countryside will be the same, the same view of beautiful landscape, beautiful flowers, rivers, mountains and animals. All will be there for you to enjoy. Your consciousness determines your perspective on this side as well on yours.

In the city you may have beautiful surroundings, buildings and houses surrounded by flowers, grass and trees, and they are much more real and beautiful here because there is no decay. Everything is created by mind and the consciousness of the people in that city, in that area, in that sphere. If there is something not liked by people, it will not be there, because it is not there in their mind. That’s why there are different spheres and environments, some beautiful and some less beautiful, dependent on your consciousness, dependent on what you achieved and dependent on your spirituality.

You can say that yes, I will be there, I want to be at that place, but that depends on your consciousness, and if you have earned such a place. You see, everything is in your mind.

There may be beautiful surroundings around you. We may also help you to see beautiful surroundings, but does it really help you if your mind is troubled, troubled by your life, your misdeeds and your behaviour in your past life on earth? No, then the mind is what you have to work on before you can appreciate the beautiful surroundings. Is it not the same as on earth? If your mind is troubled, you cannot appreciate or see the beauties around you.

On this side where the mind and your consciousness is your life, your creative life, it is so important to have a beautiful mindset. We live in a world of thoughts, real thoughts, where thoughts are substance. Then you can perhaps imagine why your thoughts are so important, so vital. Good thoughts will create a beautiful place on this side of life. You can take a horse for a ride in the countryside if you so wish, you can walk and play with your dogs, you can enjoy all the animals you were fond of, and that loved you. You can enjoy the company of others, your loved ones, your family; they are all there, waiting for you. Clarity in mind, a beautiful mind created on earth, is your treasure on this side of life. Then you can live in peace and harmony with other human beings. You have the power within yourself to travel wherever you want to travel in our worlds, and to the earth plane to visit the people that are still there and that you love. Nothing is lost, everything is there for you to enjoy.

You will find yourself on this side with the ability to create the life you want. How you want to live your life is all up to you, because you have free will, but the power of love is what you need within to have the life you want on this side. Then you are the master to fulfil yourself, to create a living that is of purity, of love for your fellow beings, a life where you want to help, want to contribute to the whole, want to create peace on your pathway where selfishness is left behind, and where you want others to come first. That’s the life and the living you will praise. All the beauties on our side can be yours, and if you want a life with the surroundings that you have today, you can create them on this side if you have the power within yourself, the love from the Almighty.

Paint yourself in love. Be of love. Let your whole being be love, and you will find such peace within yourself that was far beyond your mind on earth. Live and love.

Living in the spirit world can be wonderful. The key is love.

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