25. Injustice


The world reveals itself to you, as with your inner world. It is revealed to you in such a manner that you can experience and see the beauties in all their varieties with your physical eyes, it is revealed to your mind, within yourself, so you can explore the wisdom of God that is given to you, through your senses, through your intellect, for you to reason, for you to find the answers yourself.

From religions, you are given teachings and sayings that give you the impression that God brings his wrath over you when he becomes dissatisfied and angry, and when you do not follow his teachings, when you do not follow his guidance. I can say this to you, my friend, that this is completely miscomprehended. God does not bring any wrath and disasters upon you. Everything is governed by cause and effect by yourself because what you do to others, you do unto yourself. The law of cause and effect is in operation not only within yourself, but in the universe that you are living in and surrounded by.

You live in one vibration, and there are multidimensional worlds, worlds of other vibrations, and we in the world beyond are of another vibration than your world, the material world. That is why you cannot perceive, that is why you cannot see our vibration with your physical eyes, or with your microscope, or with your telescope. It is beyond your sight.

People of the earth have brought to you misconceptions, have brought to you inconceivable ideas about God. They are delusions of God, because God is love, and he does not interfere with your life on earth, because you have your free will, and you are here to learn, you are here to walk the school of life, but you can turn yourself to his love, towards his consciousness, and he will guide you, he will bring his wisdom to you, because within yourself you have been given this seed, the spirit of yourself, that is of God, that is in operation and keeps you alive in your physical body.

It is injustice to tell your fellow beings that you know the answer when you only search within the material plane, because you must know that you are a spirit, that you cannot die, that you must go beyond scientific research on earth, beyond general scientific ideas. You have to go beyond your science. It has been revealed to you through the microscope over millenniums that you can see another world that is not conceivable through your physical eyes. You have invented the telescope that brings you the sight of stars that are of such a distance from yourself that you can only see that the universe is infinite, and that give you wisdom and knowledge of God. It is the wisdom that brought life to earth, through evolution, through billions of years.

When you see the infinite universe, your infinite mind, you must understand that through evolution you will come to a stage where you yourself know for certain that you are a spirit, an energy that survives the physical body. You can comprehend and know this today, my friend, but you will evolve your intelligence, your mind and your human body and create senses that are beyond your present condition, because when you search and when you create your wisdom further, you expand your intellect into other dimensions than you have today. You will evolve further, you will create what you call the sixth sense, that some have developed on earth today. People of the earth will have a continual development and evolvement. And you will meet that day when you know that you are spirits of God. You can bring this knowledge to the earth on the Bridge of Love. You can meet us in communion on the bridge in love. You can establish a communication with discarnate beings, with what you call the dead, but I can say this to you, my friend, that we are more alive than you yourself, and we have the understanding and the wisdom of this creative force of love. We know that love made you and I, that love made the universe, because love is the power that we use to create our world with.

You do not yet have the knowledge, the wisdom, on the earth plane. You have just small bits and pieces, here and there, and you have a task and a mission to bring them together, to find the wisdom, the wisdom of God, and you have this knowledge within yourself. It is revealed to you every day in Mother Nature. It is revealed to you when you search, when you seek within yourself, when you turn yourself to your Creator and ask for his guidance, for his hands to build the Bridge of Love towards his wisdom, towards the world beyond, so you can have the knowledge that we have, that we can bestow upon you when you turn to us in love. Then, my friend, there will be no more delusions and God will be the truth of life, because you yourself have this truth within, the spirit of God.

My friend, you have a wonderful mission on earth, bring the truth of life, bring love to your brothers and sisters on the earth plane, share your resources, bring equality and equity to all, because you know that selfishness, inequality and inequity bring misfortune. It is injustice to your fellow beings when you do not bring care to your brothers and sisters, when you know that you are all children of the same God, the same Creator. You are all brothers and sisters, you are all of the same family. Bring justice to your lives, bring justice to humanity, to all living beings on the earth plane. You have the knowledge and the answers for bringing love to all, for bringing justice to all.

God’s wisdom is revealed to you in nature, because something cannot come from nothing. There is a hand of wisdom that has created the beauties, the varieties of nature, that has created you. That is not difficult to comprehend, that there must be a wisdom behind all there is. That is conceivable to your intellect, that is conceivable to your human mind. Go forward, my friend, and be a light of love for your fellow beings. Show them the path of love, and you bring God’s wisdom to the earth plane, you bring justice to your fellow beings.

We have a wonderful message to the world, we have the message that God is love, is your Creator, is the wisdom behind all there is. You are a spirit of God, and you can never die, you are eternal. That wisdom will change your world, will change the behaviour of people, that wisdom will bring love to all, and that wisdom will fulfil the creation that was made out of love.

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