25. Heaven´s Paradise

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A creation of love,
Your creation,
Your thoughts,
Manifested on Earth, your paradise, your heaven within.

Thoughts are real,
Thoughts that you experience,
That you receive from your fellow beings,
Thoughts that have an impact,
Thoughts that are gone,
Thoughts of the past, the present, the future.

Your atmosphere is the ocean of thoughts,
An ocean that is unseen to your physical eyes,
Thoughts that come to you, that give you joy and happiness,
Thoughts that give you sorrow and sadness within your heart.
Thoughts of love create heaven within, heaven´s paradise,
Love that you give to another soul,
An unselfish act,
A charitable act,
Giving of yourself, helping the misfortunate, helping the poor,
Giving the light of love to a human being, a brother, a sister.

Your love makes your heaven, heaven’s paradise within.
Thoughts of sadness, of sorrow, will be healed in heaven’s paradise
Within yourself, when you have the wisdom of life,
The wisdom of God, the wisdom of love.

Your life on Earth,
A life given to you in love.
You create your own paradise,
A paradise that is your own garden, your own place,
Make sure that you create a garden of beautiful flowers, of good deeds.

Selfishness, vanity, violence and hatred do not create a peaceful place
And do not create heaven’s paradise within you.
Selfish acts and deeds only create emptiness,
No garden, no flowers, no beauties.

Heaven’s paradise is filled with joy and happiness
Brought alive by your own love,
Brought alive by the words care, share and love,
Your keys to a wonderful garden within, a meadow of flowers,
Peace of mind, joy and happiness, the wisdom of life,
God’s wisdom within your heart.

Heaven´s paradise is God’s wisdom,
A wisdom that can be yours,
And the wisdom is love, love for every soul on the earth plane.

In heaven’s paradise there is equality,
In heaven’s paradise there is care,
In heaven’s paradise there is no poverty,
In heaven’s paradise there are no misfortunates,
In heaven’s paradise there is pure love,
God’s love for all.

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