25. Behold God in your Heart


God is all there is.
God is in every one of us.
God is the universe.
God is in every atom.
God is omnipresent.

Wherever you go, you see God in every expression that is of love. From ancient times people have searched for the Creator because every one of us has received an intellect, and we ask ourselves, “How can this come about? How could I receive life? How could my ancestors receive life? How did this all come about?” And the answer, my friend, is God, because God has always been. God is not a human old man. No, he is the power of the universe, the power of love.

Within yourself you are spirit, because you are part of God. You are an eternal being. You are a spiritual being, which is your true self. God gave you life in a physical body to acquire knowledge on the material plane where you meet challenges and troubles of different kinds, because it is in struggle that you find yourself, your inner self. It is then you see that the passions of the earth are there to teach you life, and that the material world, with selfishness, vanity and misuse of power, teaches you how to reflect on the human being, on the free will that your Father has given to you, the free choice in life where you can choose between good and evil, and where you will see that free will is truly the pathway to finding God within yourself, to finding this spark of love that he gave you at birth.

On the earth plane, people are of different spirituality and you are here to intermingle and to learn from each other, and God does not interfere. He has given you free will, but when you behold God in your heart, when you behold love in your heart, because God is love, then you will raise yourself and then you will see that God has given you life on earth to understand:

That forgiveness is wisdom,
That humbleness is wisdom,
That unselfishness is wisdom,
That charity is wisdom,
That love is wisdom,

and that you develop in interaction between other human beings and Mother Nature. You will see the revelations of God everywhere, within yourself when you raise yourself, in Mother Nature when there is flowering, when you see the different seasons of the year with decay in the wintertime and the blooming during the springtime. Everything is a revelation from God given to you to understand yourself, so you can find your true self, so you can have inner peace, so you can see in your heart the love that your Father has given to you to explore, to develop, to nourish, so you can raise yourself and your fellow beings towards his love, towards his kingdom, towards the heaven within yourself.

He wants you to find this treasure within that you can build up so you can find peace, so you can have his wisdom in your heart. Behold God in your heart, search for his teachings, for his wisdom in life on earth, in other human beings, in all living beings, in Mother Nature. There are revelations everywhere. The sun is in itself a revelation; it shines upon you all, the righteous and the nonrighteous, and so it is with the rain. God does not differentiate, because God is unconditional love.

When you have built the treasure within yourself on the earth plane, and you come to this side, you will have the beauty of life within yourself and the heaven that is part of your own consciousness, that you have raised yourself towards. That is the heaven that you will meet on this side, in the world beyond, because there is no death, my friend. No death.

Christ showed the way. He received the teaching from the spirit world, from messengers of God, and he developed himself and his love for his Father in such a manner that he could materialise himself after his physical death to his friends, to his disciples, and so can you when you raise yourself in spirituality, when you climb the ladder to such a level where you yourself can be in the consciousness of Christ, of God, because when you reach the highest spirituality you will be one with God in love, in unconditional love. Then you forgive, then you love your neighbour, then you have raised yourself to such a spiritual level that love is pure in your heart, and where love is of God the love that does not differentiate, the love that is unconditional, the love that is overwhelming, and the love that is wholehearted, as you express it on the physical plane.

Life is of God, has been given to you by God, and when you behold God in your heart, then you will understand and have the wisdom within yourself, the wisdom of God.

We have the wisdom for you that you have been told from ancient times, the wisdom of love. Love is the mightiest force, the power of the universe, and it is the power that your spiritual self, your true self, your real self, are striving towards. And you have been given a wonderful opportunity on the earth plane to achieve your higher self, to achieve understanding of life, to find your true self, your oneness with your Father, with God in heaven, with God within yourself, with God in nature, with God in the universe, because God is in every atom, in every place, everywhere in the universe.

My friend, look upon the rose. The rose is of God, it is a beautiful creation because it is made out of love, and so it is with you. You are made out of love, because God, the creator, which is love, unconditional love, made you.

Go in peace my friend, behold God in your heart, and you will find your true self.

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