24. Suicide


What makes people end their lives by their own hands? In that moment of desperation everything seems to them impossible and without hope. Your life on earth is full of struggles, full of challenges and full of difficulties, but they are all there for you to fight and conquer, because that is the school of life on earth. They are all part of your curriculum, to raise yourself spiritually and to find your inner being.

The spiritual self, the seed inside you is there for you to develop and nurture, the seed planted by the almighty. You are here on earth to raise yourself spiritually. You are here to create within yourself an atmosphere of love that you can bring out in the world as a light for others that are struggling, that are fighting towards all the passions and the materialism of the earth.

You my friend, that have had suicidal thoughts, remember this; that you have a spiritual being within yourself that cannot die, and that the physical flesh is merely a coat for you to function on the material plane. You have God inside you, and he gave you life on earth to learn and to master the difficulties of the physical life. That’s your mission on earth. To take one’s life will not solve anything, it will not solve any of your problems. You cannot hide from the challenges and problems of the earth. You have to solve them here in your physical flesh before you enter the spirit world.

Ending the physical life with your own hands is so wrong, wrong in the eyes of God because he gave you life on earth to prosper, to find yourself, your inner self, and that can best be done on earth.

Bring yourself together, pick up the pieces here and there and stand up. Look at the beauties around you, the beautiful nature. Find answers to your problems in nature because it is all there, created by God, to help you find the solution to your problems. Seek help from people of kindness, people that will sit with you and understand, and from love and helpfulness will show you the way from the darkness into the light. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible if you seek for God inside yourself, because God is unconditional love. God will help you to find your pathway, help you with your struggles and your problems if you ask, but they are not gone immediately. It will take time, because you have to perform the school of life, that he gave to you to learn. Know that you have love within yourself. Know that you have unconditional love, that you can raise yourself, that you are judging yourself all the time, and that you have to conquer yourself.

I am sure that you have a potential. All of us have a potential, given to us by the Almighty. Start the process within yourself to seek for the highest, where you will find love and peace. Then my friend, start your pathway to show kindness towards others, be helpful in whatever way you can. You will suddenly have a spark within yourself, that will lift you, and that will overshadow your problems with a beautiful light within. Now, my friend, God has started to operate in you, because you let him do so. The seed that you have will flourish, like the flower in nature that starts with a seed that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but it is there underneath. It is the same within yourself. You have the seed; you have to nurture it with good thoughts, and with love towards others. Let your kindness nurture the seed, and the flower will be beautiful within yourself.

This is the way to overcome the thoughts of hopelessness. These are the thoughts that will bring you new opportunities, and that will bring you hope and love in heart. Know that we are here to help you. Turn your face to God, and there is your answer.

You see, death of the physical body does not solve anything because we have eternal life. You cannot leave anything behind. Suicide only leaves sorrow behind, sorrow from people that loved you that didn’t want you to leave. My friend, complete your tasks on earth, live your life in full, help others, love your fellow beings, and cast aside selfishness. Live on earth as long as the physical body permits. Then you are graduated from the school of life, and a new life will awake you as you are equipped for and that you can master. Let God be your master, a master with unconditional love, that will help you no matter what. Remember this my friend.

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