24. Seasons


In the morning the dew is on the grass. It is a cold morning where the humidity is high. You are in this time of year when the spring reveals itself in all its beauties, where you see the germination in the vegetation, where you see that life is coming forward that has been hidden during wintertime. The sun shines upon the nature, and the dew on the grass disappears. You feel the warmth from the sun. The sunrays reach your skin and warm it up and you feel alive, because you become in harmony with nature, you become in harmony with the sunrays and yourself, and you feel that your Creator has brought to you the wonders, the beauty, of creation once again, this year.

You touch the green grass and sit down in this green meadow of peaceful colour; it is a consolation to your mind. The colour of the green grass fills your mind with peace, with tranquillity. You fold your hands, and keep the grass between your fingers and you say to yourself: “Mother Earth, thank you for your wisdom, thank you for bringing the love every year to each and every one of us, the love of yourself.” For a moment you forget about yourself, because you find this calmness within, this calmness that your Mother Earth can give you when you sit and meditate with this force that Mother Earth represents.

The summer is there, the flowers are blooming, the wonder of nature reveals itself to you, the meadows that were grass in spring time have revealed new flowers spread over, flowers of different colours, colours of the rainbow, all brought to you for you to enjoy, for you to find happiness, for you to smile at nature as it smiles at you, as the sun reveals to you the beauties of its creation. At this time of year, you have the warmth, you have the nice temperature, so you can undress and enjoy nature, having a bath in the sea, walking among the flowers, reminding yourself about the seasons of the year, where you have decay in wintertime, and now the summer is there revealed to you in all its beauties.

You have birth and you have decay, you have growth and you have decomposition. The nature reveals to you that there is life and death, that you yourself will become dust when you leave this earth plane and, as you know, all is energy, the spirit within yourself as well, an energy that survives the physical plane, your physical death. Your spirit revives and can enjoy your earth plane, your wonders, and your friends, even though you become an unseen friend. At death your spirit can see another vibration, another land, a land where God reveals himself again in another dimension, another miracle you would say, but it is of the nature, it is of the universe itself.

In the autumn, you have what you sowed in early spring. There is a time for sowing, and there is a time for reaping and so it is in the world beyond, what you sowed on earth, you will reap on this side of life. But, my friend, when you recall what you made out of your life, what you brought to your world, to the material plane, conceive what you can bring with you when you leave your physical plane it is your thoughts, your deeds, your mind, and that will be clear as the day in the world beyond.

The material goods are no longer in your possession, they are gone, and what you have within, what you have created, what you have sowed, as you do in spring time on earth, you will harvest on this side of life, as you do on earth in the autumn. You see, my friend, it is a revelation to you on earth, that there are seasons for you to sow and to reap, and that is an analogy to your life on earth and in the world beyond, where you were born on earth and when you leave your earth, you have sowed and you have reaped.

Let thoughts of love, of unselfishness, of purity, be your harvest in the world beyond. That is your treasure, the heaven within you that you have built, that you have built in love for your fellow beings, for your family on earth.

Seasons are there for you as revelations for you to comprehend life, for comprehending nature’s laws, for comprehending God’s wisdom. Enjoy the seasons, enjoy Mother Nature, and enjoy your life on the earth plane. Find this love that gave you life, find this wisdom that brings you the treasure of life, that you can build on earth and bring along to the world beyond.

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