24. Oneness


God created male and female in his picture. God, the Creator, created you. God gave you birth here on earth to evolve as a spiritual being. And as a good parent, he has supplied you with a school here on earth where you with your physical body can be exposed to passions that are there for you to master, the passions of selfishness, greed and vanity that give you the choice between truthfulness and untruthfulness, that give you the choice between honesty and dishonesty, that give you the choice of doing good or doing evil, because you have been given the choice, the free will, to be in a position to raise yourself, and if you did not have your free will, you would merely be robots, and that is not the creation of God, that is the creation of the mechanical world, your earth plane.

God wants you, every one of you, to find your true self, to find the treasure that you can build up within yourself, that you can attain with your higher self. As you have from your scriptures, Christ said that “I and my Father are one”, and so are you, my friend, you are part of God, but to become in oneness with your Creator and his unconditional love, you will have to meet that love, you will have to be in that picture, if not, you set yourself apart from the consciousness of love.

To be in oneness with God in love is your ultimate destination. When you climb the ladder of spirituality and you are truthful to yourself, then you will find the spiritual spark within that you were given at birth. This spirit is of God, a child of your Almighty Father. When you know that you have the divine spirit within yourself, then you will start to nourish this spirit with your spiritual awareness you will start to get the right perspective in life, you will understand that life is there for you to develop your spiritual self, you will understand that when you give love you will receive love from your Father, you will connect yourself to the source of life, you will leave selfishness behind, you will attend to your fellow beings and help wherever you can, you will have people that are asking for your assistance and you will help people that are in despair, you will look out on your world and you will understand that selfishness is a major obstacle, it blocks people´s minds from knowing the truth of life, knowing that they are one, that they are all children of God.

My friend, look upon your own being, your human physical body, the creation. When your Father says to you that he created you in his picture, you will understand that you are all connected, because you are in his picture, in his oneness, in his physical self. Imagine that you are part of this self, that you are just a small cell in this universe and your interaction with all the other cells keeps the body well. But when you distort or separate yourself from this body, or do not cooperate with other cells, that is, if you set yourself apart or in your selfishness only care for yourself, then you must understand that the body that you are within does not behave in perfect order, because your Creator, your Father, is love, and selfishness is contrary to love.

You yourself influence your world with your thoughts and your actions even though it seems a small interaction. You are part of the whole. My friend, when there are cells within your own body that do not behave to fulfil your wellbeing, you become ill and you feel unwell. That is how your world is today. Your world is suffering, and you know that children are suffering from hunger in many places in your world, and when your own body suffers, you take action, go to a physician and take the right medicine and try to heal yourself. And that is what you are here on earth for. You have a mission to heal your world, to heal the creation of your Father. Remember that God created you in his picture as a male and a female, so you could find happiness and be one. The woman and the man are an example of oneness when they love each other, because then they become one, one in the picture of their Creator.

You yourself are of God, and the world, the universe and all there is, is of God, and everything is in order. Every atom is in its place and in its exact place, because it is governed by the law of causality, the law of cause and effect. Reach for the love of your Father, so you can be his hands within the creation, so you can heal yourself and heal your world. Heal the creation, become part of the healing work, so every spiritual being on the earth plane can find the truth in life, so they can find their Father, so they can know that life is oneness, that God and his children are one. But to attain your higher self, the consciousness of God, the consciousness of love, you will have to heighten your spiritual self; you will have to find the love that you were made of.

Do not set yourself apart. Find the truth of life. Reach for the love of your Father that you can pour over your pathway in life, and you will build the treasure, the heaven within, to such a beauty, to such a paradise that you can attain true felicity of mind, true peace of mind. You can be a messenger of God, an angel that comes to the world with the hands of God so your world can raise itself from all the suffering, from all the cruelty, the violence, the misunderstanding, the miscomprehension of life. There is no death. You are an eternal being. You are made of the elements in the universe, as are the stars, according to your Father´s mind, and that mind is of love. And you, my friend, can have that wisdom within yourself today, it is attainable, it is there for you, when you raise your hand and ask for guidance, when you ask in your prayer and ask for his presence. Oneness is the only truth, oneness in love is of God, and you can be part of his mind, the mind of God, have his wisdom and find peace within.

Spirituality will heighten your self, will raise your spiritual self, will find the divine spirit that you were given at birth, that spirit that you truly are, your true self.

The wisdom of oneness, the wisdom of God can elevate your world, can release your world from suffering, from the despair that your world is creating. Your world is part of the creation; part of God and in oneness with the creation. Start today, my friend, to give your hand to your world, so you can take part in the healing work, the mission to heal yourself and your world.

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