24. One Day

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One day the suffering of your world will come to an end.
One day you will all unite in love.
One day you will have the wisdom of God in your heart.
One day you will know that you are an eternal being.
One day you will show tolerance for all regardless of creed, religion, nationality, belief system or race, because you are all one.
One day you will find the treasure within yourself.
One day you will all take care of each other.
One day your earth will be as in heaven.

My friend, the passions of the earth with all its anger and hatred, with all its misfortune, have been brought to the human race by Man’s inhumanity and ignorance, by Man’s selfishness, greed and cruelty towards one another. All this and all these passions are clearly understood in the world beyond, because in this world, where I live, you will see immediate results of your own behaviour. You will be undressed and naked when you try to tread the road of the earthly passions, because here there are no secrets. People see each other as they truly are, and that is what differentiates the material life from the spiritual life in such a manner that before you become aware of yourself, that you are a spirit, that you must find your way towards spirituality, towards your Father in heaven, you will not make progress towards the beauty that you can have on the earth plane, the beauty of heaven heaven on earth.

Spiritual awareness and knowledge is the key to enhance yourself, to find your true position in your world, to find out that the material life is there for you to raise yourself, for you to evolve your true self, your spirit, so you can find your pathway in this material life towards love for your brothers and sisters on earth, because it is in love you will find yourself, it is in love you will progress on earth, and when heaven descends on earth, it will be as if love fills your whole body, your atmosphere, with such a tremendous beauty that you cannot comprehend at this time in the evolution of your earth plane.

But why do we have to wait for evolution to fulfil the beauty of life, to give us the same conditions as in heaven? Well, my friend, I can say this: that all depends on you. You have to evolve. You are yourself the evolution. The human race is of different spirituality. That is why you are here on earth to acquire knowledge to raise every individual to a higher understanding of themselves and the wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of God, the wisdom of love. You see, there is a knowledge that you with the hands of God can give to the world. If you become a light and show the way on your pathway to other human beings, then many pathways will cross each other with the same message, with the same knowledge, and then you will progress further. That is the key to the progress of your world, to find peace and love among yourselves.

You can be God’s hands on earth. You can be an angel on earth when you fill yourself with love that you pour over your brethren, so you can help with your hands everywhere your pathway takes you, and when you fill yourself with this beauty then you will be guided by God. You will be filled with the spirit of love, and you will use his hands on earth to bring fortune, to bring spirituality and to bring the knowledge to the world, to every human being on the earth plane. That is the mission, that is when you have conquered yourself and left your own ego behind, that is when you have found the treasure within yourself that you know is your heaven both on this side of life and in the life to come, in the world beyond.

There is correlation between your spirituality and your behaviour, and this behaviour will find its way towards God when you raise yourself in love for humanity, when you forget about yourself in service for others, when you bring charity and know that every human being is a brother and sister on the earth plane that you are here to guide and to help. Then you have found your true self, then you know the wisdom of God, then you have the knowledge within yourself, the peace and tranquillity of your inner being, then you have reached the felicity of your self here on earth, the felicity of being that you can earn on the earth plane when God dwells within you and gives you peace of mind, brings you happiness within, because God operates within and that is where heaven is, that is where the real you is, your own spirit, the spirit of God.

One day you will see heaven on earth because you are an eternal being and the work that you are performing on earth at this very moment is part of your own evolution, and if you pour love over your pathway in life, then you have started your journey that will continue in the world beyond to manifest yourself, to manifest the love that you have received from God, that you want to share with your brothers and sisters on earth, and as an eternal being you will watch the evolution and you will help with your hands from either side of the veil, because you yourself are of God. You are a spirit that can never die. You are a wonderful being when you have raised yourself towards the oneness of love with God.

Let God operate within you; trust in God, he will never leave you. He is always there assisting you, helping you in your endeavours, when you travel the path towards love, because then you fulfil yourself, you find your true self, and then you become one in the wisdom, the consciousness of the Creator. Nothing comes by revolution. Everything is evolution. Your technology of today you might say is a revolution, because it has taken some hundred years to evolve into what you call the modern life, but I can say this: that it has been an evolution, an evolution from the past where thoughts and knowledge have aspired to what you have today.

On the Bridge of Love, you can find the truth of life, the wisdom of God. You can have the truth manifested in such a manner that death will vanish for your eyes. You can be on the Bridge of Love and have communion with your friends and loved ones on this side when you so wish on the Bridge of Love. Because everything is possible when love prevails. When there is love between human beings, discarnate or incarnate, there can be no separateness because love is the force, the power that created you that are unbreakable. You can find this truth on the Bridge of Love, so you yourself can be a light for the world, so you can then tell the world with your own knowledge that there is no death, and this message will change your world, this manifestation from the world beyond, that we can be together even though we have left our physical body behind. We can be as one in love on the Bridge of Love. What a beautiful reunion we can have with you when you find your true self, when you seek the wisdom of God, when you walk the Bridge of Love.

One day the Bridge of Love will be in the hands of all people, when they have raised themselves with love in heart, because it is only love that can build the bridge. It is love given to you by God, because it is the hands of God that build the Bridge of Love. One day all will be revealed to you, but you must evolve, you must bring love into your lives on earth. Then you will meet heaven on the Bridge of Love, and we can bring our knowledge to you so you can have peace and love on earth, can have heaven on earth.

One day, my friend it is in your hands. Seek and you shall find. God bless you.

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