24. Modesty – A Blessing

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When you meet people that live a life in simplicity, a life where the fundamental needs are covered, that do not need to have any extravagances, people that seem satisfied with themselves, that smile at you with eyes that shine like a bright light, that are apparently comfortable with themselves and their surroundings, that express helpfulness, that are wholeheartedly concerned for others, that will attend to anyone in sorrow to see if they can be of help, that will encourage you, that will give their love, sympathy and warmth, that have no fear and anxiety, that do not exaggerate, that are humble and meek, that are honest with you and honest with themselves, that you see have a tremendous wisdom within themselves, where you can just feel the calmness of their minds, these human beings will help you to raise yourself and you can find the same tranquillity and wisdom that they have reached and possess. They will help you when you ask for their advice. My friend, you have met human beings that are modest in their way of living, that have received the blessing from the Almighty Spirit, because the wisdom of God is a blessing that you, and all of you, can receive when you have raised yourself spiritually.

People of the earth search for materiality, for material possession, for the passions of life because they cannot raise themselves from the material plane and look further. They are, in a way, bound by the material complex in life, but when they see human beings that live in modesty, that shine forth in wisdom, that are smiling and laughing and have peace with themselves, that are filled with love, then the materially inclined envy them because their own mind has not climbed to see that wealth in excess, the monetary gain and abundance, is just a passion that is there for you to master in this school of life on earth. You are here on earth to learn, to learn that passions are there for you to raise yourself above them so you can find peace of mind, so you can live a modest life, because it is in modesty that you will find peace within and peace with God.

People of the earth that have not raised themselves look at their neighbours and see what they possess, and then their jealousy and envy takes their passions further because they do not want to have less than their neighbour, but I can say this to you, my friend, that vanity, that greed, that selfishness will hold you down. It will not raise you spiritually. It will not bring you peace of mind, because when you have all the material goods of your world, you also see the people that are suffering in poverty, the despair and cruelty of your world. That does not bring you any good feeling inside yourself, there is something missing, there is something you have forgotten.

To reach the kingdom of God is not easy for a rich human being. “It is far easier for a camel to enter the needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. It is a saying from the scriptures, but it is true, it is a spiritual truth. You see, my friend, you have to raise yourself towards God and his kingdom, which is not of this material world; it is of a spiritual truth. To enter the needle´s eye you have to raise yourself spiritually and forget about materiality. You have to find your spiritual self, and when you have found your true self, then you can enter the needle´s eye like the camel. It is a parable, but it is the wisdom of people that live in modesty, that find their happiness in simplicity. They don’t need the possessions of your world, they don´t need to have the money that goes beyond their life in modesty, they don’t need the passions that cause vanity in your world.

Modesty is the way of life.
Modesty is to make yourself unselfish.
Modesty is to cast aside greed and vanity.
Modesty is to find your inner self, your true self.
Modesty is to be honest and truthful to yourself.
Modesty is foremost to sow love on your pathway in life.
Modesty is to be in harmony with yourself.
Modesty is the blessing you receive when you fill yourself with love, love towards your brethren, towards humanity.

Your world is in misfortune, because some people possess most of the material resources. That is why you have suffering. That is why you have poverty in your world, because people do not share with each other. The rich people only think about themselves. That is selfishness and a passion that holds you down. It is a passion that hinders the passage through the needle´s eye where you all could find peace of mind, where you could find the treasure within yourself, the treasure of love that you could build upon the earth. When you receive this knowledge, it is a blessing from your heavenly Father and when you take this and use it in your daily life, then, my friend, you have been blessed. Modesty is the way of life; is the only way of life to find peace, inner peace.

You received at birth a small grain from your Father. That is the spirit within yourself that you should develop and raise spiritually, and you were given a physical body so you could learn in the school of life to master the passions, to raise yourself above the material passions of the earth.

You are here on earth to help wherever you can, to sow love, to be an example for your Father, as a child of your Father in heaven, because you are all children of the Almighty Spirit, and he wants you to find the needle’s eye, so he can bless you when you find the truth of life, when you find your spiritual self, your true self. He is waiting for you to raise yourself, to conquer your physical self, so you can let your spiritual self overflow your physical body so it is your spiritual being that lives the life on earth, so that your spiritual being is in harmony, in modesty when you have found the truth, when you have received the wisdom of God. God never leaves you. He is always there. Raise your hand and ask for assistance. He is always there.

My friend, know that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, and know that the material possessions of the earth have no value on this side of life, no value, and you come emptyhanded if you have not raised yourself spiritually, if you have not lived a decent life, if you have not shared with others and given of yourself, if you have not been on your pathway of love towards your brethren. Fill your heart with love. Fill your treasure within yourself with all the love, all the beauties of life, and then materiality, the possessions and the passions, will vanish, because that is not something that you can bring through the needle’s eye. It is you yourself, your spiritual self, that can pass through the needle’s eye, and you pass through the needle’s eye in modesty. The door is open for you, my friend. You know now how to reach the kingdom of heaven with a treasure that you can build on the earth plane. Go forward and have faith in God and you will be rewarded for your struggles, for giving charity, for helping wherever you can on your pathway in life. Love is of God and you are part of God, you are part of the creation. Raise yourself, my friend, spiritually in modesty and you will have the blessing of your Father, from heaven.

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