24. I wonder


Time is passing,
The material life in evolution,
Your life, an evolvement,
A revolution given to you the last 100 years,
An evolution of thoughts
That has been manifested on Earth through technology.

A call from the other side of Earth,
Reaching you at the same time,
No time, no space,
That is a spiritual advancement,
I wonder.

You know that time and space is a thought,
Is a barrier, in the material life.
In your spiritual life it has vanished,
There is neither time nor space.

My friend,
Through technology you know about another world,
A world where thoughts can be realised by thought itself.
Through technology you have reached to the Moon and the planet Mars,
The thought that became a reality,
I wonder.

Your advancement in technology,
The spectrum of light,
The frequencies that you are exposed to on Earth,
Quantum physics,
Will bring you new knowledge.

There is another dimension that you have not explored,
My world, my frequency,
A world of love, the frequency of love.
Reach for that frequency with your technology,
Build a bridge of love between our two worlds,
The material world and the spirit world.

Make a call to our world, a call that you experience on Earth,
A call that gives you the words;
Care, share and love.
That is the call we want to receive,
Your call of love for a better world.

No time, no space.
Know that we are there,
Know that we are alive,
We that once walked upon the earth plane,
Alive, in the world beyond.
My friend, I wonder when you will make that call,
You that read these lines, a call, a message of love.

The frequency of love is there for you to explore,
As you did when you made the call to the other side of Earth,
When you reached the Moon and said to the people,
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

The world beyond is a reality,
As with your own world, the material life.
One life, one world,
We are one,
No time, no space.

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