24. Apparitions


Human beings that have left their physical body are part of the spirit world, part of a world behind a veil, a very thin veil, and a world you cannot see with your physical eyes. However, we discarnate beings are still alive. We are human beings, actually more alive and more real than you yourself in the physical body, because we have the liberty to move around in our own world within our consciousness, and we have the ability as well to take part in your world. We can lower our vibration and come to the earth plane and be with you, with our friends and loved ones, when we want to do so, when you call upon us and want our presence. When you are either in sorrow or in happiness and send your thoughts to us, we come to you and comfort you in your sorrow and rejoice in your happiness, and sometimes you feel our presence and even sometimes we are able to manifest ourselves, and that is where you have apparitions.

People that are sensitive and what you call clairvoyant, have the ability to view spirits. They are using their inner sight to see our spiritual being. From ancient times you have heard and also read in the scriptures that Christ manifested himself on the Mount of Olives to his disciples, in the tomb to Mary, at the sea where he told the fishermen to cast the net on the other side of the boat. Well, there were many that saw Christ in different forms and shapes, and many will say that that is just speculation, but I can tell you that that is true, because Christ had such power within himself as a medium that made him capable of showing and manifesting in different ways his spiritual self. He drew energy from his surroundings, and when there was too much light, he was not manifested as clearly as in darker conditions. Materialisations and dematerialisations are real when you have the power within yourself. Christ had that power. He materialised and dematerialised in the tomb and rematerialised for his friends many times. He decided to do so for a purpose, and it is true as well today when you have reached sufficient power within yourself. “You can do the works that I do and greater works you shall do”, as Christ said.

On the Bridge of Love, when you have a séance, as Christ and his disciples had many times, materialisations can be as real as your own human form in physical flesh. Yes, even food can be consumed by a materialised being, because the materialised being can dematerialise as well, and the clothes, the flesh, the food will vanish.

Everything is possible in the hands of the Almighty. You might say, when you do not have this knowledge, that that must be impossible because it goes far beyond human comprehension. But I say this to you, my friend, that Christ encouraged you to be in communion with God and with the spirit world, as he did himself, had himself, and so you can have communion with friends where love prevails, because that is a prerequisite for being part of, for being in communion with, the spirit world and being in the hands of the Almighty. Then, the Bridge of Love can be strong, a bridge with the glory and the blessing of the Almighty Father. You can meet your loved ones in love, you can be in communion with us, and we will have the same opportunity to materialise as Christ. Remember the saying: “You can do the works that I do, and greater works you shall do”. See, my friend, the door is open for communion with the spirit world when you go in the spirit of Christ, when you go in his love, and have done the same preparations for being in communion with your Father, with his children.

Apparitions in your world have been seen from ancient times, because when the energy field is strong, we can manifest our energy and this is something that sensitive people can pick up. They can feel the presence of spirits more than others, and they can also, with their inner sight, observe spirits as shadows. How fortunate you are to be able to see and know that there is a spirit world when you see such apparitions.

People, human beings that have left the earth plane, but still cling to their properties, the places they had on earth, beings of different spirituality, may also be bothersome. If you would like someone to move on and not be part of your surroundings, then let me tell you this: Sit with your family and friends in prayer to God and ask for the spirit to move on. Light a candle, fold your hands and send your love. The energy you create will give the passage for the spirit to enter the next dimension of life. The spirit will then know that they are bothersome, that they should move on, and they will be helped when you sit in prayer, when you seek the highest within yourself, when you seek God, your Almighty Father in heaven, because then he will send his angels, his messengers of love, that will help you in your prayers.

My friend, when you sit asking for guidance, when you send a prayer of love, a prayer to help someone, you and your prayer will be heard, because the thought of love that you send is of substance, is of an electrical charge that will be received because then you are connected to the power of love, similar to the electricity that you have in your electrical socket in your living room. It is not very different from such electrical energy if we should use an analogy to your earthly terminology.

Apparitions are real, because in the spirit world we are real; we are as you, human beings, even though we have left your earthly plane. Apparitions are part of the creation, part of God’s creation for humankind.

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