23. You Make Your Own Future

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My friend, today is your future. When on earth you reflect on time and space, but in our world there is neither time nor space. How can there be time, when you are an eternal self? How can there be any space when we can move ourselves by thought. As we think, we are. We build ourselves by our thoughts and by our deeds. Your thoughts make your self. As you have from your scriptures that from the beginning was the word, the thought, and there was wisdom behind everything, and so it is today. There is only one law, nature’s law the law of cause and effect, and you, your whole being and your whole world have to comply with this law, as you understand, from science in your world, the law of forces that interact to keep equilibrium.

Everything is governed by nature’s law, the law of God. You have your free will on the earth plane, and you have your free will in the world beyond, but there you also have limitations according to your spirituality, which you do not have on this material level. On the earth plane, you have the freedom to live your life as you please you can do evil and you can do good, and all these thoughts of yours are governed by your free will. But you must remember that there is a universal law, the law of cause and effect, and it is in action for your thoughts as well. When you bring charity or exploit other human beings, when you bring happiness or misery, you will reverse your thoughts towards yourself, because the law of cause and effect has a mathematical precision. You cannot hide from this law, but you can restore yourself by heightening yourself spiritually, because then you will know that love is the answer to expiate your faults, your mistakes in life, so you can find yourself, so you can raise yourself and find your true self.

You make your own future. Your future is today, and in that context, you can perceive that your life on earth is influenced by your own thoughts, by your deeds, and thus you can raise yourself spiritually and find a peaceful and happy life when on earth. You can raise yourself above materiality and gain spirituality where your true self is. In the spirit world you will find that what you sowed, you will reap, and what you gave of yourself, you will receive.

Bring clarity to your mind. There is no such thing as a certain belief for attaining life, because there is no death, because everyone is eternal, all of you are eternal beings, and when you leave your physical body, it has accomplished its function on earth. Then your spiritual self will live on, because that spirit within can never die. The spirit is part of the Almighty Spirit, your Father that gave you birth here on the earth plane to learn, to attend the school of life, so you could find yourself, so you could raise yourself spiritually, so you could find your Father within, so you could become in oneness with his consciousness of love, because that is your ultimate destination, to become one with God, in that light of love. That is your future, my friend, but you can have this future within you. Find the spirit within, so you can build your heaven on the earth plane, so you can find your treasure. You can be part of God´s light on earth and you can go forward and show this light to everyone that crosses your pathway in life, so you can show the way, so you can be the light as Christ was. He was the light, the truth and the life, and so can you be, my friend. You can find your true self, you can be one with your Father, because your Father is unconditional love and he wants you to be one in him, he wants every child of his to be in his oneness, to be in his love.

That is where we all want to be, because that is where you will find supreme peace of mind, that is where you will evolve and find true happiness, and that is where you yourself become a messenger of God, where you become an angel of God. Yes, you can be godlike, because you can give love, you can judge, you can bring charity, you can help every child that crosses your path in life, you can sow the fruits that will bring a beautiful garden in your mind and for your brothers and sisters on earth. See, my friend, you can give of yourself and be the light, you can be that kind person, that person that meets everyone with friendliness, with love, with honesty, with knowledge, the wisdom of the truth, the wisdom of God, the wisdom of love.

All the religions of your world want to show the way to God and his love all the religions. They have all one mission and that is to search for and be part of God, to be part of his love, but they have different pathways. There have been many misinterpretations, miscomprehensions of the scriptures, because they have been there from ancient times, and it is time to reflect on your scriptures. All that is written must be of love. Then it is the truth. Everything else must be misconceptions, and are there for you to rectify, and when you rectify and raise the word in a spiritual context and evaluate these words from every angle, then you can decide if the word is of love or not, and if it is of love, then it is the truth, then it is the word of God, then it is the wisdom that has been received from God from ancient times. You, my friend, can find the truth of life and know that there is no death, that you create your future today, that you create your pathway in life, and that you make your own future. And your future is with God, in his love, in oneness, in his wisdom. Bring this knowledge to your world, so your world of suffering can be raised towards God’s love, towards the understanding of life, towards the truth of life, so people will know that what you do to others, you do unto yourself, so people will understand nature’s law. The law of causality is in operation every day, within yourself, within your world and in the universe. It is universal.

Be part of the mission to heal your world, bring love, bring the wisdom of God to humanity, and spirituality is the answer to find your true self, to find the path to your Father in heaven.

God is love, unconditional love and he wants to be in communion with you, with every one of you. Let God and his love be part of your life. Let love reign over your heart so you can be the light, his light on the earth plane, the future, the past and the present, the spirit within yourself, the divine spirit of God.

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