23. The Creation

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My friend, are you among the people that do not reflect on how you came to this world and how the universe came into being? Well, then I can say to you that you are not alone. Most people take their lives for granted, as something that is there, as part of the existence of the human race.

God reveals himself to you through your life on earth. He reveals himself to you through your science, through your knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired, that you are given every day in your modern world of technology, with television, with media and the network that you have access to on your computers. You can turn up pages that show microbiology with electron microscopy within your physical self and how birth and your existence came into being. You can watch how the egg from a woman is being fertilised by the sperm of man. And you can see how the embryo evolves in the womb of its mother, you can watch the creation in minute detail, you can observe how cells cooperate as within machinery, how they live their lives, how billions of cells cooperate, find their place and create the human being you are. My friend, when you question yourself on how the creation can find itself to become such a beauty as a human being, how the cells can be informed on how to make your hand, your brain, your eyes, the components of your physical self, then you must know that there is an intelligence in the design of such instruments, of such wonders. Everything is perfect, is made perfect in this creation. The sperm cells are constructed in such a manner that they emit part of themselves when they reach the egg, so they can perform their task to fertilise the egg, so that the cells divide and expand and divide in such a manner that you can see the creation of an embryo. There is constant evolution in such a creation until it is complete, until it has become a perfect human body connected with a cord to the mother during pregnancy, so it can have nutrition, so it can discharge the waste from itself.

You see, my friend, everything has been created perfect, as with human beings, as with animals. All are created according to nature’s laws, according to God’s creation and his laws for you all. When you look upon the sky at night and see the infinite universe, the endlessness, the billions of stars, and you use your telescope and see beyond your physical eyes, beyond what you can reach, it is a replica of yourself that you observe, and it is a constant evolution. You know from science that stars beyond your sight can be seen by a spectrometer, and when stars turn to red they show you that the universe is expanding, as with yourself. You expand your knowledge, you expand your wisdom, during your growth in various stages of evolution, and so it is with the universe, so it is with the creation made by God.

The creation is infinite, and when you look upon the science of space through the telescope you know that it is expanding, and from that you draw the conclusion that the universe was made by a big bang, by an explosion. Well, my friend, I can say this, that if there was an uncontrolled explosion you would not exist, and you would not have your beautiful blue planet. Everything is designed by intelligence in a controlled manner, by God. If not, you would not have the perfect creation where all the atoms are in their perfect place, as with your own body. If the cells within your body did not have the wisdom, the instructions as to what tasks they should attend to, where they should bring their physical selves, they would not know where to move, whether that is towards your eyes, towards your hands, towards your feet, towards your lungs, towards your heart. You see, my friend, you would not exist, and you would not be alive as a human being. God is the knowledge, the wisdom, and has always been. Everything is controlled and managed by this wisdom. It is infinite, it is timeless, it has created your universe, and other universes that are of other vibrations, that are of other dimensions, that are multidimensional, that are beyond your understanding. It is inconceivable to your mind, to your brain on the earth plane.

The creation is wonderful, it is a beauty, as you yourself are a beauty within when you have found the wisdom of God, the love that he made you out of as with the universe itself. All has been made perfect, and all is of God, the supreme power, the supreme power of love. My friend, all has been revealed to you in Mother Nature, and now you also have the technology and the science to reveal the infinitely small particles, the infinitely small cells, that you can observe, that are beyond your physical sight. And all this should remind you that there is wisdom behind everything in life.

When you have God in your heart, you have love in heart, that is the blessing of our Father when he gave you life here on earth, so you could learn, so you could bring your attention towards the vital things in life, to bring love to this earth plane, to the creation of love, so you can fulfil yourself, your mission on earth. When you become love yourself, you melt together with the creation, you become one in the consciousness of love, the consciousness and wisdom of love, of God.

The creation is an evolution that you know from science, from the evolvement of your Planet Earth and how it has changed. It is your responsibility to take care of your planet, of the beings that inhabit this wonderful blue creation of God. You yourself and the children of God, all of you that are on the earth plane, have a responsibility to enhance yourselves, to evolve towards his love, so you can be one in his love, in his creation, in his wisdom.

The creation is love. Become one in his work, in his wisdom, in his love for you all.
God gave you life on earth. You are a spirit of God and you are of his creation, made by love. Fulfil yourself, bring love to your big family on earth. When you one day leave the physical plane and come to the world beyond, you can look back on your life on earth and say to yourself that, “God I brought your love to your earth plane, I fulfilled myself in your creation, I and you are one, we are one in your love, in your wisdom.” And he will say to you: “My child you have my blessing, you are truly the love I brought to the world. Now, my friend, come to my kingdom of love and find my peace and love for you, all that I have given you from the beginning, the love that made all.”

You are all children of God, find the love he brought to you, find the joy and the happiness that you can make together on earth by love and you have the blessing of your Heavenly Father and Mother, your Creator.

God is the mightiest force, the wisdom, the power of love of the universe, the creation.

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