23. Starry Nights

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A star has been born,
An evolution in time,
Forces that are of God, that are of love,
Brought into being for your eyes,
For the evolution of the universe itself.

Innumerable stars
Out there in the universe,
Part of yourself,
Created by the same elements as you,
A new-born, a star.

A wonderful sight,
A wonderful Creation
When you watch out there at night,
Stars that are twinkling to you, twinkling in your eyes,
A mirror of yourself.
You are of the Creation,
The human nature,
Starry nights that you watch on a beautiful evening.

The sun that gives you warmth and nutrition is your star,
Planets that reflect the sunlight give the rainbow,
The rainbow of colours in your own eyes,
Starry nights.

All brought to you for you to find the wisdom,
The wisdom of God,
The truth of life within you,
The beauties that you can rest your mind on,
That you see with your physical eyes,
Calm and always there,
Starry nights.

A universe, unimaginable,
A universe that you are in oneness of,
That you are a vital element of,
A spirit, a spirit of God,
An eternal self,
Ever changing,
Ever reaching for the highest within.

The cycle of the stars,
The harmony of your solar system,
Gives you the perspective of life, your own life.
There is birth,
There is death,
And there is again life,
Always renewable but the energy is the same,
The energy of love,
The Creation that brought you here.

You were born to this earth,
One day you leave this earth,
As with the stars
That are born and then leave their position, their present condition,
An everlasting cycle that you are part of as a spirit of God,
An everlasting life, and everlasting love.

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