23. Spiritual intelligence

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My friend, you have all the power within yourself, the seed of God, the intelligence of the spiritual kind that is needed to reach the highest within. The spiritual intelligence is there for all, but you will need to seek within yourself to find this force, this creative force and intelligence that you are part of, that is from God.

Obviously, it is not within your brain this intelligence of the spiritual kind. It is far beyond the intelligence of the brain, because it is from God, from God’s consciousness. You are tapping the consciousness of the Almighty when you search within yourself, but you will find nothing if you are not searching in love. You have to raise yourself in love for humanity, you have to cast aside your selfishness, and you have to cultivate the beauty inside.

Be truthful to yourself, treat others as you would be treated, and you will open up a flower within, which is your spiritual intelligence that you are working on, but it is not there immediately. The material aspect of life is there for you to penetrate and to find your spiritual pathway.

Think about this, my friend. The spiritual intelligence is there for everyone: the poor, the rich, people with higher education of the earth, and people that do not have the capacity or the money to achieve education on earth. God does not make any differentiation between people. The spiritual intelligence is there for you to achieve by other means than those of the earth.

I can tell you this: seek God first and everything will be added unto you, not of the material kind, but of the spiritual treasure. That is what you want to find in life. This treasure that you will find with increased spiritual intelligence, you obtain when you have God inside, because God is love. God is everything that you will ever want to be part of. This intelligence can be yours, but you have to strive for it. If you didn’t have to strive, it wouldn’t be worth having. That is the school of life.

You are here on earth to learn. As with the children that grow and acquire intelligence on their pathway in life, their brains and minds are growing and they achieve more understanding of life, of the behaviour of people, by the interaction between their friends and family, and within their working life. Through adulthood they get the perspective of life, or should do.

People acquire intelligence of the earthly life, of the material kind. Hopefully, they should have focused on their spiritual pathway so that their spiritual intelligence would be the master of their life. That is what we teach you, my friend. Your spiritual intelligence should be your master in life because that is what God wants you to bring forward to your fellow beings and have as a treasure when you leave this life. In your mind, that is where you see the beauties you create with your spiritual intelligence, that is where you see what is right from wrong, where you see that you are part of God’s plan and where you know that you should share with your fellow beings all that you have of the material and spiritual kind.

Selfishness is something you should lift yourself from, because that was just part of your education on earth. You will see that the intelligent part of you, that you attained, was of love. That’s where you reached happiness and peace within. Your spiritual intelligence was on the top of the ladder that you at first maybe couldn’t see with your physical eyes, because it was up there in the clouds. When you climbed that ladder, you saw that there was more than just earthly goods, possessions and passions, that there was something wonderful, so wonderful, up there that you couldn’t stop climbing. You had to reach for it, because that was you, that was your real you, that you were searching for and that you finally found.

It is your spiritual intelligence you are using when you climb to the top of this mountain, where you have the perspective, where you see all beneath, all that you had to experience, the pathway to the treasure of life, that was given to you from the start, the seed inside you planted by God that you had to nurture to find the right pathway.

It is so much easier to see all this when you have reached the top, the beauty of your life, of your inner self. Then you will see that the school of life on earth was there to help you, was there with all its struggles, and was there given to you by the Almighty to find the beauty within yourself. That is love from your Father in heaven.

We know the pathway because we have been on earth, and we know that you have to follow the pathway of God, and that you have to climb the ladder. We are here to help you, to find the steps that bring you forward, that bring you to the beauty that you have within yourself.

It is your spiritual intelligence you apply to find your treasure in life.

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