23. Seek Yourself


People of the earth do not know themselves. People of the earth do not have the knowledge of their Creator, the wisdom of God. Even though it is revealed to you every day, even though you see the revelations from God every day, you cannot comprehend; you do not apprehend the construction of your earth and of yourself. You are gone astray when you only see the material aspect of life. There is a spiritual dimension in life, and you have this dimension within yourself. You are a spirit of God, you are made by love, the power of the universe, you are made out of this substance, this word that you were made of from the beginning, the word that dwelled upon your earth and made Mother Nature and yourself. You might say that everything is evolution, but you must also know that within emptiness, there is nothing. Some force must be present to reveal a vibration that you can see with your physical eyes. The universe, the creation, is much more than you can see, than you can observe with your physical eyes, because you are dependent on the light to be reflected in your eyes to catch the colours of your universe, but there are multiple upon multiple dimensions and universes.

When you use your microscope you see a new world that you cannot see with your physical eyes, as with the telescope where you can see beyond the stars that you can see in the sky at night. You see, my friend, you have the technology to observe, to see that there are other universes that you cannot comprehend with your mind before you see them with your physical eyes, therefore understand that there must be more, that there must be worlds beyond that you cannot see. When you have become aware of other worlds in your physical vibration and everything is vibration you cannot see the worlds beyond, because they are of another vibration. It is similar to your electricity: you cannot see the electricity because it has a vibration that is beyond your sight, but you know it is there. When you plug into the socket, your lamp will give you light because the power is in the socket and in the cord to your world’s energy.

See yourself. You are a human being, you have a physical body and you are an eternal being. You are more than you can see, because within yourself you have a power, an energy that drives you, your physical self, and this power is of God, is the spirit who you really are. That spirit survives your physical death. When you can see beyond your physical body, when you reflect on life, and know that you are of God, then, my friend, you have brought to yourself a spiritual awareness, where you become aware of yourself, your true self.

The material life keeps you down, and the passions of the earth with selfishness, greed and vanity make your life into an endless journey on earth; because you do not understand that the passions are there for you to learn and to master life. Hatred and anger in your world keep you from the spiritual path, keep you down to the material level of life. But when you raise yourself and see the light that you have within, the spirit within, you will understand that the material life was there for you to learn, and that you are here on earth to raise yourself in spirituality so you can find your true self. Watch yourself, see yourself, look at yourself, you are a being within that you can use to evaluate yourself, to see your physical self, how you behave, how you behave towards others, and when you reflect and see and look upon yourself, you will know that you are more than just your physical body. You are yourself the mind and the thoughts that create your environment, that create your being, that create your behaviour, that create your self.

Smile to the world; give a smile and a helping hand to the misfortunate, to the sufferer, so you can be the hands of God on the earth plane, so you can be love. You are here to be love. That is your ultimate objective in life, to become love, to see yourself as love. Then you will be a bright light for others to see and to follow.

You can be the light, the way and the truth as Christ was, as he told you about in ancient times, but that you have forgotten; you have forgotten the wisdom of God. Christ told you about the truth of life, he showed you the way, and he showed you that life goes on. He materialised before his friends so they could behold this truth, the truth of life itself, that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that God is within, that when you ask for the presence of your Father in your heart, he will come to you and be part of you, when you fill yourself with love, because God is love. God is unconditional love, the love that you can truly be in oneness of when you find your true self, when you find the truth of life, the wisdom of God. See yourself, who you truly are. See the spirit that you truly are, see the love that you truly can evolve into when you let go of the material life. The material life is to sustain your body, is to give you comfort for your physical body, but a life where you go beyond the material terms and find the spiritual wisdom of life is what you want to accomplish in life, is what you want to find in life. That is the treasure of life that you can bring along to the world beyond, the treasure of love.

Love is the force that drives your world, that drives the universe, that drives all there is in Mother Nature. Without this force, nothing would exist. There would be emptiness. So raise yourself and know that the material wealth that you have today will vanish, and what you have within yourself is the precious jewel that you can form and retrieve on earth, retrieve within yourself, so you can leave this earth plane with a smile, with thankfulness to your Father for bringing his wisdom to you, for raising you spiritually so you can be part of his works on earth, the greater works that Christ told you about, to heal your world, to bring love to your planet and to humanity. That is the mission of the human race, to find the wisdom, to find love, so people of your earthly planet can be in oneness of God, in oneness of love. See yourself, who you really are; a spirit of God.

The word of love that has been from the beginning the wisdom of God, is there for you. The treasure in life can be yours; the love from God.

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