23. Inner Peace

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You wake up in the morning, you are feeling fresh and your mind is untroubled. You recall some sweet dreams where you were in conversation with friends that have passed on, that are not of the physical world anymore, but they were as real to you as your friends that are still alive on the earth plane, and that you are looking forward to meeting later this day.

You get up and walk to the window and look out. What a wonderful morning. There is dew on the grass, the clouds are sailing, passing by quietly. There is calmness in the picture of nature. The trees give you the impression that they are sending you loving thoughts. They say to you: “Good morning my friend, nice to see you.” The sunflowers have just opened up. The sun has already given them the strength of the day. They look upon you with their beautiful yellow eyes, smiling at you. What a wonderful expression of God´s nature, what wonderful peace and calmness it brings to your mind. God created Mother Nature to smile at you so you could find yourself, so nature could reveal God´s love towards humanity, towards yourself. Wait for a second. Take a deep breath in and keep this moment for a while. Spend a few moments just to reveal your inner self, so you can be in harmony with what you see, so you yourself can be one of the sunflowers smiling back at nature. You see, to find peace, to find inner peace, you must be in harmony with nature and yourself. Nature gives you love and that is why you feel the contentment, and that is why there is no discord between you and nature. You are one with nature. You are one with God, the Creator of all there is, nature and yourself, and God has created you as one to be in harmony, to be at peace with each other.

From your scriptures, you have the saying of Christ: “Peace I leave with you, but not the peace of this world.” Christ knew the way, and he was a light, and so can you be when you have the spiritual truth within yourself and know that you are an eternal being, that you can only find peace within yourself when you have raised yourself spiritually, when you are one with your Father, when you have left the passions of the earth, when you have made yourself into a beauty of the creation, made yourself like a sunflower that smiles towards the world.

And as you also have from Christ: “Do not be afraid and do not be troubled in your heart.” When you have the knowledge, when you have found the truth of life, when you have the understanding and can comprehend God´s creation, the universe, who you are and in what place you find yourself, when you know this and you know that love is the power that drives the universe and it is the spirit within yourself that you have to find, then, my friend, then you have raised yourself in such a manner that you will find peace, tranquillity and calmness of mind.

Everything has been given to you because God wishes you love, wants you to have peace of mind, but you are here, my friend, in this school of life, to raise yourself, to achieve understanding and knowledge, to search, because it is in your strivings that you find the answers. You must develop yourself, you must search and work for the peace that you want to have within yourself. If you did not have obstacles in your life, if you did not make mistakes in life, you would not learn and that is the teachings that you have from the earth plane, that you should evaluate, that you should bring into your mind and use your logic and reasoning to find the answers to. And I can truly say to you, my friend, that the answer is love. Love is the foremost force within yourself that you must find and develop, so you can be part of the consciousness of love in the universe, so you can connect to the source of life, so you can find your inner self, your real self, which is your spirit within, your spiritual self that will survive your physical death.

There is no death my friend. There is no death. It is only an evolution and you evolve when you die from your physical body. You evolve all the time and that is the school that you are within. You are here on earth to develop yourself, to evolve and to find the truth of life.

Inner peace is a prerequisite for harmony in your life, harmony of your family, harmony of the friendship that you have, harmony of your world, harmony that you create. Inner peace is the gateway to finding peace in your world. Because it has to start with a small grain, and then it will expand, and when it expands it will grow and flourish, and it will leave beautiful pathways. Look at the world that has many pathways. You can be one that brings harmony and truth to the world on your pathway. When many pathways cross each other with the same truth, it raises the inner peace of many people that in turn will raise the world towards peace and harmony. It is not a revolution, unfortunately, but an evolution, because people must find themselves, they must know and achieve the knowledge and the truth of life that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that you are here on earth to learn, to learn life, and to learn the truth about yourself.

What a wonderful mission you have for yourself and your fellow beings. You can be a light for others to follow, so they can be shown the way, so they can be told the truth, the truth of life, to find peace within themselves, so they can have happiness, so they can find the path towards oneness with their Father, because you must be truly one with God to achieve peace, true peace of mind. Your Father, your Creator, the Almighty Spirit is the peace that you are searching for, that will give you all the answers, that will give you the knowledge of life, the knowledge and the wisdom of the universe, of your real self, of all there is in life. Be one with God in love, and peace will be given to you. Then there is nothing to fear, then your heart will be untroubled, then you will find the peace that this material world will not give you, the peace of heaven where love is your inner tranquillity.

You might ask: “How can I have an untroubled mind with all the despair of this world, with all the suffering, with all the poverty, with all the troubles that this world has?” My friend, you are here to give love, you are here to help, you are here to share, you are here to express the failures of your world, the selfishness of your world, the inhumanity of your world. You are here as the hands of God to help and shout out loud about the misfortune of your world. You are here for a mission. You must give of yourself and then God will give you rest, because he sees your mission. He sees everything, and when you give love, when you search for peace, then you will find peace, then you will find love, then you will find yourself. Have faith in God. Trust in his mission for you, and you will climb the ladder of spirituality. You will reach your higher self, and you will find the knowledge and understand, and you will have God’s peace within. You can show the way for others, you can show the way for peace and harmony in your world, and when you start working with others, with your mission, then you will be filled with love, the energy of God´s power. God will start operating in you and you will be his hands, his helping hands, his hands for love towards your brothers and sisters on earth, towards your brethren, towards your fellow beings, so the children of the earth can find the truth of life, so they can say to themselves that they have acknowledged the truth. With inner peace you can contribute to the peace of the world. What a wonderful mission you have for yourself, for humanity, for your world, for a peaceful world.

That is what you had in your mind when you looked out of the window this morning, when you looked upon the sky and saw the calmness of the clouds passing by, when you looked upon the trees that sent you love, and when you looked down to the sunflowers that smiled at you. They were all at peace and so can you be at peace with them, in harmony. We can all be at peace and harmony with each other on this beautiful earth. Let your inner peace become a light for others to follow and you can contribute to a peaceful earth.

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