23. A Light for the World

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The revelation of God is love through humankind, the love that is part of you, and that you can receive and bring forward, that you have within yourself, your spiritual self, and that was given to you at birth. This light that you have in your innermost being, is the light of God, a light that you can bring to the world, a light of love.

Many human beings have cast their light on your world; they have been an example to follow. All the human beings that have thrown the light upon the earth plane, the light of love and peace, are messengers of God. You yourself are a messenger of God when you bring your love towards your fellow beings. You can be the bright light, the bright light of God that you have within yourself, that he gave you at birth, that you have to nurture and to bring forward in your earthly life.

People of the earth are blind, they are blindfolded because they do not know the treasure they have within themselves, a treasure from the Almighty Spirit. It is a hidden treasure for many, because it is camouflaged by the material eagerness, the selfishness and the passions of your earth. When you find and see that treasure within yourself, the material barriers will vanish as dew in the sun, and you will see clearly your earth with different eyes. You will see that selfishness was there for you as a passion to conquer, was there to be erased within yourself so love and the bright light could shine forth.

Christ was a bright light. He used the parable: “That I am the bread of life and when you come to me you will not hunger, and when you believe in me, you will not go thirsty.” What did he mean by this parable? Well obviously it could not be physical food, it could not be the bread that you put into your mouth and the water that you drink. No, my friend, it is of the spiritual kind. He meant the bread of life given to you by your Father. He meant that you should nurture your inner self with spiritual food, and what is the spiritual food? It is, of course, the love that you can give to others. As Christ said: “Love your neighbour and love your Father in heaven”, because in love you will strengthen your spiritual self, you will raise yourself, and you will find the treasure that was given to you at birth by your Almighty Father.

“Believe in me, and you will not go thirsty”. In other words: believe what I say to you; believe that the water you drink is from the source of God. Your Father will fill your thirst; he will supply you with the spiritual water, with the wisdom of God. Christ knew that he was one with his Father. He said: “I and the Father are one”, and “Before Abraham, I am”. He knew that he was an eternal being. He knew that he was part of God as you are, as we all are. We are children of God. We are sons and daughters of the Almighty Spirit. Christ was a bright light because he and the Father were one, because he followed the teachings from God, the teachings from the spirit world, because we on the other side of the veil know so very well the teachings of God. We know God, because we are part of God, and as eternal beings we love to be in his bright light, and we raise ourselves as you do on earth by giving love to our fellow beings, by being in the consciousness of God’s unconditional love.

The physical flesh does not camouflage us. We see with our spiritual eyes the truth of life. We see that the earthly journey is a school of life, where you in the wisdom of God are given the opportunity to raise yourself by conquering the passions, the selfishness of you world.

Christ gave you the parables that you must understand. You must understand that the sayings of Christ were of pure love, because he was pure, because he was one with his Father, he was one in the consciousness of his Father and so can you be, when you raise yourself towards the consciousness of love. There have been so many misinterpretations and so much misunderstanding of the scriptures from ancient times, and if you are to be a bright light for the world, you must understand that sayings that cannot be comprehended in love, that cannot be understood when God is unconditional love, are misconceptions and you must raise yourself above such misconceptions to be in union with your Father. When you yourself can say that my sayings are unconditional love and only that, then you are the bright light, then you can erase vanity and selfishness, then the mist, the water drops in the air, will disappear in the sunlight and the daylight will be bright.

When you, with religion in hand, can humble yourself, when you can cast aside vanity and the passions of the earth, when you can place yourself at the lowest level and let others come first, when you can look down and say to yourself: “Father, I am your child, I do not need the pleasures of the earth, I do not need the material world to be happy within myself, because I have the treasure of love to fulfil myself completely, the love that I have given to the world, in your light”, when you can humble yourself to the smallest of the smallest, then you have raised yourself to the highest within the kingdom of God. Then, my friend, you are such a bright light for your world that will be crowned by your Almighty Father when you are coming over the Bridge of Love to the spirit world. Then you are truly in union with God in his unconditional love and his wisdom. Lift yourself from the passions of the earth and erase selfishness from the earth plane. That is your mission on earth.

If you in your life and in your surroundings can fulfil yourself and be a bright light, then you have mastered your life on earth and raised yourself. Be a bright light, be a white bright light so you can be an example for others to follow.

Look upon the sky and see the stars. There are endless numbers of stars, and you can be a star, a bright white star that shines upon the earth with love. You can be a bright star with such character that people will turn around and say to themselves: “What a wonderful human being”, “What a good person”, “What a tremendous comfort it was to be with that person”.

You, my friend, can be that person that people look up to and want to be part of. Start today, my friend; nurture yourself with the bread of life. Open your eyes, find that bright light within yourself. You are part of God, and he will reveal his bright light and be your treasure in life.

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