22. Your ultimate destination

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To be with God, in union with him is the destination you are striving for, that you are fighting for, that you should work for day by day, climbing the ladder step by step. Your spirituality is all that matters, attaining perfection in morality, in your character and in love for your fellow beings. That´s the mission we all have.

You have God inside you. God is not something out there. He is right here, but you have to raise your consciousness, and see above materiality because when you break that barrier of consciousness, you will see the spiritual aspect of life.

You have to tune in, my friend. Tune in to the channel of love. In your daily work, in your daily activities and in your communication with others, be truthful to yourself and be honest. Nothing is hidden when you come to this side. Your life on earth will be open. There will be no secrets, so start today repairing the earthly mistakes that you have done. We have all done mistakes, and we have to repair them by charity, by helping others wherever we can. Then, my friend, you are travelling the pathway of love and peace towards the kingdom of God that you have inside yourself, because you are not travelling anywhere. In the terms of the earth, you are where you are. Seek inside you, that’s where your universe is. Travel in that universe and you will find beauties that you didn’t know were there.

On this side, we don’t have space, nor time. Where we want to be, is where we are, where we are supposed to be. Because your character that you made for yourself on earth decides your destination when you come to this side. You will then know that what you did to others, you did to yourself. We are all one. God is the centre. God is in every one of us, but you have to search and find the pathway. He will listen and open the door when the time is there.

Our world, the spirit world, has many spheres of consciousness that you cannot see nor achieve, spheres that are of a higher consciousness than where you are at present.

What you make out of the school of life that you are in at the moment, decides you destination, your consciousness that you bring over to this side.

In our world you will receive love and understanding, and you will have the option for further development. You have free will, but you will benefit if you increase in spirituality before you come to live with us. We are here to help you to do the right things on earth, and to achieve your true mission on earth.

When you have done your mission and your time comes for leaving the earth plane, then you will enter this world in joy and peace, knowing that your life on earth was not wasted, but crowned by the Almighty. Do the best you can my friend, then you will have completed your mission on earth.

God bless you.

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