22. Your Inner Voice


As you look upon the sky you see clouds passing by, clouds that are generated by the sun and the sea in an everlasting cycle and that supply you with such a beautiful sight, with rain for your nutrition and thoughts for your mind. As with the clouds, your thoughts are passing by, be it in the morning, during the day or during the night when you suddenly wake up from sleep. These thoughts are coming from somewhere within you and you reflect on them, and there is an inner voice that says to you, that serves, these thoughts of mind. When you reflect on your thoughts, you wonder where all is coming from, why you suddenly get a picture in your mind of a certain person, of a certain event or of a certain action that you had not previously been aware of. Your inner voice tells you something all of a sudden and creates a new adventure for you, wants you to travel a new pathway, wants you to reflect on something that your friends said to you earlier, or reminds you of a task that you should attend to. Your inner voice tells you when you have misbehaved towards another human being, telling you to rectify your fault, and that you have to apologise. Your inner voice tells you to reflect upon the day that is so beautiful when the sun shines and the flowers are bringing such lovely thoughts, a meadow of flowers that brings you into such a beautiful daydream that you for a moment forget about your thoughts and yourself. A friend comes by and wakes you up from your daydream, smiling at you, saying “How are you my friend?” and you have to shake off your thoughts. Your inner voice is a world of thoughts. Your inner voice is a creative force, because with it you can attend to heaven within you or attend to your troubled mind. You see my friend, your inner voice is influenced by your thoughts, by your consciousness, because your inner voice listens to your subconscious and to your conscious mind at the same time, and you have to make yourself in a position to take command of this voice and to reflect on your pathway in life.

You can make a beautiful adventure within yourself with your inner voice but then, my friend, you have to direct your thoughts towards love, towards your Father in heaven, because that is where you will receive nutrition for beautifying your inner voice. That is what Christ did. He, within his prayers, asked his Father for guidance, and so can you, my friend, you can ask God for advice, you can have God as your inner voice because he gave you the inner voice at birth, he gave you life here on earth for you to evolve, for you to develop yourself, for you to develop your inner voice, so your voice could attend to the matters of the world, could attend to other human beings so you could raise yourself and your brothers and sisters, because that is your mission on earth, the wish of your Father, to give charity and to help wherever you can, to use your inner voice for building a peaceful world within yourself and out there in the material world.

With your inner voice you can paint yourself inside out with love and that is how you achieve peace within, that is how you acquire the peaceful thought from your Father, that is how you become in oneness, in communion with God. Let God be your inner voice, because then you will know that your inner voice is of love. Listen to this voice and find your true self. Then you can be sure that you have found the presence of God within, when you receive loving and charitable thoughts for helping your fellow beings on the earth plane.

In your daily life, you have to attend the school of life, you have to attend to your tasks that are vital for you in this moment in life, either at school or at work, and the inner voice is always there telling you what to do and not to do, and I can tell you this, my friend, that when you raise yourself spiritually, you will have good advice from the messengers of God, because they try to influence you, but you have to be receptive and if your only focus is on the material life, you block yourself, you block the influence from your spirit friends, from your Father in heaven. Open up and let love prevail over your heart, because that is how you receive the wonderful wisdom from beyond.

Christ knew how to achieve communication with his Father and the world beyond. He knew how to listen to his inner voice, to discern between good advice and the passions of the earth plane, because the passions are always there trying to hold you down and that is part of the lessons that you have to partake in and to master in your earthly life. These lessons are given to you by your Father to evolve, but he is there when you seek his guidance.

You are an eternal being, and you have a knowledge within yourself, a wisdom that you can find if you seek, and your inner voice is of this wisdom, but you have to know right from wrong, because your inner voice is influenced by the thoughts that you have around you, the thoughts from evolved spirits and from undeveloped spirits, and similarly from people of the earth that are truthful or untruthful to you. My friend, you have to use your intellect, your conscious mind to reason what the truth is.
Your inner voice is there for your evolvement. You can find the right pathway in life, find your true self, but be sure that you are in communion and in oneness with your Father. Then your inner voice is of love, and then you can be sure that you are on the right track in life.

In the morning when you wake up, you may have had sweet dreams or nightmares. Reflect on your dreams. Sweet dreams, where you have met your loved ones that have passed on to the world beyond, are the truth of life, because they are still alive. When you are asleep you may travel to the spirit world and meet your loved ones, and when you remember such sweet dreams, then you can be sure that they are true. Nightmares and dreams that are not understandable to you are merely your own mind trying to sort out different aspects of life, different views that you have had, different actions that you have had, and they can be mastered by yourself, by your inner voice, because you can rectify your behaviour on earth, you can rectify your dreams when you attend to your inner voice with love with love for humanity, with love for your friends and family, with love for everyone that crosses your pathway in life. You see your inner voice is a reflection of your life, how you behave, how you misbehave, and so are your dreams, they reflect your behaviour, they reflect your life and your inner voice is a tool for you to raise yourself spiritually so you can have command over your own life when asleep and in your waking hours.

Everything is correlated in your life, so when you raise yourself spiritually and become one with your Father, then you are in his presence of love, and then you are building up your inner self, the heaven within, and beautifying yourself so your inner voice becomes beautified. Listen when you beautify yourself, because your inner voice becomes a voice that tells you to make yourself unselfish, to let go of greed and vanity, to help and be kind to everyone, to show friendliness, to be honest and truthful to yourself. When you hear that your inner voice tells you this, then you can be sure that you are on the right pathway, that you are climbing the ladder of spirituality.

When you regret your mistakes in life and your inner voice tells you how to behave, then you, my friend, are finding your true self, because your true self is of God, is of love. That is where you will find your treasure within, the treasure that you were given at birth, the divine spirit, the heaven that you can have here on earth and that is transparent in the spirit world, because what you sow here on earth, you will reap in the world beyond.

Build up this heaven and experience the beautification when on earth. You can be your true self on earth as well as in the spirit world; you can find your real self when on the earth plane. You can find the beauty within that was given to you by God at birth, and your inner voice is there whispering to you when you meet your Father in love. When you seek you shall find this beauty within, the oneness that your inner voice is searching for, because that is the wish of your Father.

Let your inner voice be of love, so you can raise yourself spiritually.

Let your inner voice be in communion with your Father.

Let your inner voice beautify your self.

Let your inner voice of God give you a life where you can fulfil yourself and be the hands of your Father when on the earth plane. Be his hands, so you can take part in the mission to heal your world.

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