22. Unconditional Love

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In the early morning at sunrise, the sun is rising, beautiful above the horizon. At first, you will observe the sun’s rays, the yellowness in the sunshine, but then it becomes brighter and brighter and turns into white, so white that you cannot see towards the sun with your physical eyes.

The sun is your star, and it is part of the creation of everything that is on your planet, on your beautiful, blue planet. This star, this wonderful power you observe in the heavens, is of God, and your planet, as yourself, as every living being, as Mother Nature, everything in the solar system and in the universe the stars, the galaxies, the endlessness is of God, and everything is in its place. Every atom within you, every atom in the universe, all is of God, and it is kept in a beautiful harmony, playing in a beautiful synchronisation.

God lets the sun shine upon you all, the good and the evil, the righteous and the nonrighteous. The sun gives the energy for the circulation of water on earth, for the clouds in the sky and for the rain, and the rain pours over everyone, the good and the evil. My friend, God is unconditional love, and he does not differentiate between any of his children. That is, my friend, unconditional love. God loves every one of his children as good parents on earth love their children. Even if some go astray, they will look for them and they will try to reach them and find them and give their love, and so it is with your heavenly Father. He never loses sight of any of his children even though they are evil on earth.

My friend, when you have climbed spiritually and reached the height within yourself, then you have found love and then you are part of the consciousness of love in the universe, God´s consciousness. Then there is no fear, because fear is not part of love. Love is kindness towards all, love is friendliness, love is charity, and love is to help everyone, because you are one, you are one in God and that is the oneness that you should search for within yourself, because when you become aware and reach spiritual awareness, you will know that you are one with God, as Christ said: “Me and my father are one”, and that is true for you as well.

We are all one with our Creator, but you must first find yourself to understand, you must seek for the knowledge. When you are material minded, when you forget about spirituality, when you search for the material passions of the earth, for material possessions, and you leave God behind, then you set yourself apart. Then you cannot enjoy the beauty of the spiritual kind, which is the most valuable and wonderful expression of God. Spirituality is what you should strive and search for. Materiality will vanish when you climb the ladder of spirituality and find yourself, find the treasure that your Father brought to you at birth, a treasure that you should take care of and develop within yourself, because then you will understand that earth was a school for you to learn to master yourself.

From your scriptures, you have sayings that are contradictory to unconditional love. It is said that you must believe, and if you do not believe, you will perish, and you will not have eternal life. That is not unconditional love. It is also said that you should love your enemy and pray for the people that hate you, and that is unconditional love. You must understand the sayings of Christ and the prophets in the scriptures. You must ask yourself: “Is this a saying of unconditional love?” and if it is not, then it cannot be true. God is unconditional love. Christ taught love and the prophets taught love, and the sayings that are not of love are misunderstood, misinterpreted and miscomprehended. You must understand that love is foremost, is the power of the universe. Love is God, and he could not ask for a sacrifice by his son, by one of his children on earth, as you have in your scriptures. He could not sacrifice any of his children, because that is not love; that is contrary to unconditional love. Your heavenly Father cries when his children are treated with cruelty, any of his children, and Christ is not an exception. People in higher positions that saw him as a threat crucified him. He could not deny himself towards his Father, towards his teachings and the truth of life. That is why he was crucified, my friend. He could not die for the remission of your faults in life. You have to expiate your own faults. You have to bring charity and love towards your brethren. You have to help wherever you can. You have to raise yourself spiritually, and you have to give unconditional love yourself to all children.

You must understand what you are reading. You must understand and use your logic and reasoning. When you know what love is, you can give love. You give love to people that are close to you, but when you give love to people that are not familiar to you, that are strangers, then you bring love within yourself up to a higher level. Then you give of yourself. Then you bring unconditional love into your life, and that is where you are meeting God. That’s the pathway towards your Father in heaven. God is love, unconditional love, and you, my friend, can reach that love. You can be part of his love, so raise yourself, make yourself unselfish and forget about yourself. Selfishness, greed, vanity and the misuse of power are major obstacles for love and the cause of unfriendliness, hunger and war in your world. Raise yourself above all the cruelty of your world, raise yourself towards your Father and towards his love, and you fill yourself with such beauty that you yourself can give to the world, that you can give to anyone that crosses your path. You see, that is when you find your true self, that is when you find peace within yourself, and that is when you are one with God and his love.

My friend, look upon the sky, look at the blue heaven with the sun, with the clouds, with the unconditional love that is pouring over you, whether it is the sunshine or the rain from your Almighty Father. He is smiling at you. He wishes you well. He wants all the best for you. He wants to give you all the beauties in life. He wants to give you everything, but you have to meet him, you have to meet his love, you have to understand that his love is for everyone. You can be a messenger of God on earth. You can be his hands to help on earth, everywhere you meet people in need, and everywhere you meet people you can show kindness, you can help and raise. That is your mission my friend. In whatever occupation you have, you can have this as your foremost mission. Be an angel, a messenger and a helping hand from God. Be part of the unconditional love of your Father. Heal your world because it is in love that you can heal humanity and Mother Nature. Love is everything; love is all there is.

Have faith my friend, and we, the messengers that are unseen, with unseen helping hands, are with you. We are helping you when you bring comfort and love to your fellow beings. We are watching over you. We see when there is a spark within you, and we will help you to develop and to raise yourself spiritually towards the higher self.

We are here to guide you, and when you know that we are here in love, in love for our brothers and sisters and Father, then you know that you have the power behind you, and you are on the path towards the higher self and God.

When you have raised yourself spiritually towards your higher self and know that you have a beauty within, that you have a treasure that is far beyond the materiality of the earth, a treasure that is built in love, when you know that this treasure is the most valuable and precious part of yourself, then you have no fear, then you have found peace of mind, then you are one with your Father, then you and your Father are one, one in love.

Remind yourself of the sun, of the rain, of the unconditional love from God, and let that be your red thread in life, let that be the mirror on earth, so you can do your outmost to heal and bring peace and love on your pathway wherever your walks in life take you.

The despair of your earth with all the hunger and war that prevails is due to inhumanity, is due to the fact that people do not know themselves. They do not see the unconditional love that their Father is giving them every day.

We need messengers of God to bring forward the truth of life that there is an eternal life for everyone, that you make your own heaven within yourself, that your mind and your consciousness are what you bring over to this side of life when you leave your physical body behind. My friend, you can bring a precious treasure with you or you can come to this side emptyhanded. When you know this, then you will understand that spirituality, that raising yourself towards your heavenly Father, is the most vital message we have for you in life, so you can bring peace and love to earth and within yourself, because what you bring to the earth is what you bring to the afterlife, that is your treasure that you built when you were alive in your physical body.

Let love be your mission in life and you will meet a heaven of love when you reach this side of life. Heaven is created within you, as is written in the scriptures as well, and it is so true. Build the heaven within yourself with love, with unconditional love and you will be part of the most wonderful treasure in the universe.

God, your heavenly Father is unconditional love.

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