22. Paradise is Real


There is a bright light coming through your window. It is early morning and you walk towards the window and look out. You see the dew drops falling from the birch leaves right outside your window and on the green grass you see small drops of water. You raise your sight towards the heaven and in the thin mist you see a beautiful rainbow. The white bright light that catches your sight does not have any other colour, but when it is broken by the moisture, by the raindrops in the air, it reflects the seven most beautiful colours in the rainbow from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo to violet. What a wonderful creation you can watch, what a wonderful revelation from the sun of God, from the white sunlight.

Within the electromagnetic spectrum your physical eyes have the capability to observe certain wavelengths and frequencies, but there are wavelengths and frequencies beyond your sight and that is where paradise is real. Paradise is a vibration that is beyond the human sight, a vibration that we call the spirit world and that you will have in sight when you leave your physical body behind on earth. The spirit world is revealed to you according to your spirituality, according to where you have raised your consciousness. The Summerland, the beautiful earth that can be expressed in the spirit world, is in sight for your spiritual eyes when you have lived a decent life.

You see, the paradise, the heaven that you will meet, you have within yourself. That is where your heaven is. The vibration that you create, that you raise yourself towards, is the paradise you will meet in its expressions when you open your spirit eyes, that go far beyond your physical eyes, which can only observe a certain span of wavelengths and frequencies within the spectrum of light of the rainbow.

You have within the electromagnetic field such a vast span of wavelengths and frequencies that you have not yet discovered, and that is where you will find the spirit world. This is where you will find the vibration of the paradise, the beautiful Summerland in the spirit world. There are many spheres on the other side of the veil, and Summerland is but one sphere. Your consciousness that you raise yourself towards with your spirituality, may allow you to dwell among different spheres of life.

When you are on the earth plane, you can develop yourself, your spiritual sight, so you with your mind can experience the heaven, the paradise that you will meet someday when you leave the earth plane. With love you raise yourself, you raise yourself in love for humanity, in love for children of God, and you raise yourself by unselfishness, by sharing the resources of your world, you raise yourself when you let others come first by leaving yourself behind so you in love can see that others can enjoy happiness. In turn you will lift yourself and be part of God´s love and live in his picture, and that itself will give such spirituality that paradise will reveal itself for your inner sight.

Your Father gives his unconditional love to you on earth. The sun is revealed to all of you. He does not make any differentiation. Mother Nature is given to you all to give you happiness, to give you insight into his kingdom, so you can raise yourself through the knowledge that you are given on earth.

The Bridge of Love is like the revelation of the bright light that gives you the rainbow through the mist that dwells on the earth plane through the drops of water in the air. The drops of water are the medium for the revelation of the bright light, that gives you such beautiful colours, and so it is with the revelation of the spirit world on The Bridge of Love. Through the mist on the Bridge of Love you will see the bright light, and it will reveal to you the secret and the truth of life as with the revelation of God´s kingdom that you can achieve when you come in love, when you come with the mind of a child and humble yourself. Then your Father in heaven will reveal the spectrum of light within his love for his children. He will reveal to you that paradise is real, a paradise that you can create with love, with unselfishness, with charity, with kindness, with care for others and Mother Nature, a paradise that you can create on earth, as well as in heaven. It is transparent, the paradise you create within yourself, and that you can manifest on earth, you can also manifest on the other side of the veil.

The bright light reveals itself, but at first you cannot see the beautiful colours of the rainbow, but sometimes you are given the treasure, you are given the insight to God´s wisdom. My friend, in so many ways, paradise is revealed to you, but foremost paradise is created within yourself, and you can manifest that paradise on earth. You can heal the world, and that is the will of your Father in heaven.

Manifest paradise. Let paradise be real all over your world. Heal your world with love, and paradise will be on earth, as it is in heaven.

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