22. In Order

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You walk your feet on Planet Earth, a beautiful planet created by the hands of God, created by love, as you can perceive, as you can watch, with your physical eyes, with your senses, the wonderful Mother Nature and the wonderful creation that the human race is, and that you are yourself with your body, your spirit and mind.

The universe is in order. The planets in your solar system are in orbit, in their balanced positions with the sun in the centre. Your solar system is part of a vast universe that is infinite, where you have billions upon billions of stars and solar systems with planets like your own planet, because, my friend, you are not alone in this vast universe, but due to the distances in light years, it is not achievable with your technology in your mechanical world to observe and find your neighbours in the universe.

All is in perfect order, all is in order as you can observe with your telescope, as you can observe with your microscope, because your technology gives you the perspective of worlds that are unknown to your physical eyes. All is in its place, if not, it would be a chaotic universe. It is a healthy universe, because every atom is where it should be, and that is a reflection of yourself.

Your Creator governs the universe, and it is governed by love. You are given free will on the earth plane as a spirit so you can explore Mother Nature and yourself, so you can find the balance that is of God. You yourself must seek within to find this love that created you, that brought you to this earth plane in a physical body, to learn, to achieve a higher understanding of yourself as a spirit of God. When you find balance in body, spirit and mind, you will be in order, you will find your true self, you will keep healthy, and you will find the healing power within yourself. You are the cause of the effects that you can see with your physical eyes, whether that is in nature or within you.

Keep yourself in order; keep your mind in order and your spirit and body will be in harmony with your inner true self. When you give of yourself, when you give love and help your fellow beings, you bring the creation in order, you fulfil yourself, you balance yourself in harmony with nature, in harmony with the creation itself. Let God, your Creator, bring you the balance. Seek his wisdom, find his guidance by prayer, by turning yourself towards his love for all, and he will give you light for your tasks, for your mission, for your life on earth.

Your pathway will be enlightened when you search, when you seek in love, for the wisdom of God´s creation, for your life. When you come to the world beyond, you will see that what I am saying to you now is the truth. We live in a creative world, we create by our thoughts, we create by this thought of love that you and I are made of, that we are all part of, the universal power of God, the universal power of love, the creative force that made all, that makes the evolution of the universe in order.

Perfect yourself, bring harmony to your life, be truthful and honest to yourself and others, bring charity and love to your fellow beings, to your brothers and sisters on earth, and, my friend, that is how you create harmony within yourself and how you come in harmony with nature and the universe, because you are a universe yourself.

If you can imagine the atoms, the molecules that you have within yourself, you see a replica of the universe in the sky at night. The atoms are the planets, the molecules are the solar system and God is your star, as with the sun that you can perceive, that you can see with your physical eyes in the sky, that creates daylight for you to see, for you to catch the beautiful colours of the universe that are reflected by the white light within yourself. Everything is in order, because everything is of God. Become part of this consciousness of love, and everything will be in order within you. Become in order with the light of love, with the light of God.

Beautify yourself; find the love that you received at birth that keeps you alive. Nourish this seed and become love yourself, and you bring harmony into your life and into others’ lives, because then you become the light of love, shining upon the world, shining on your pathway towards other human beings, so they can find the wisdom of love that you have within, that you have received from your Father in heaven, from your Creator. Love keeps all in order, all were made by love, everything is love, everything is of God and everything is in its place, in order.

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