22. Imagine

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A world in peace,
A world in love,
A world family,
Brothers and sisters that care for each other.

Imagine, my friend,
Your life in such a world.
A world of love brought alive through your own care and wisdom,
The wisdom of your self.

God created you on Earth
To bring his love
To his family,
To your family,
To all the children of the earth.

Imagine a world where your love was given to everyone,
Your love that brought you to this earth plane, that gave you life.
Be the hands of God, be his love in your own life that he gave you
For raising yourself spiritually, for finding your true self,
The truth of life that you are a spirit of God, a spirit that is everlasting.

Imagine a world where love prevails,
A world with no selfishness,
A world with no cruelty,
A world where the power, given to human beings
And leaders of your world, was used to Care, Share and Love,
A world without poverty,
A world without war,
A world of love,
A world of wisdom, God’s wisdom, God’s love.

Imagine, my friend,
Imagine such a world,
That world, that thought, is your own heaven,
Is heaven on Earth,
The heaven that you can build within yourself,
That you can build by love, by equality for all,
That you can build with care for every soul.

Care, Share, Love.

Imagine such powerful words,
Give these words to every human being
And the world you have in your imagination
Will be a reality one day.
Heaven on Earth is a reality within you
When you find the wisdom and become love yourself.

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