22. Happiness and Peace

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People of the earth seek happiness in earthly goods and possessions. They seek happiness with the material aspect in mind. If I can have this, and if I can have that, I will be happy. If my surroundings are like this, yes beautiful surroundings with a nice preparation of flowers, and with all that can be made on earth that looks beautiful, and it is beautiful to look at, but does it make you happy? Ask you this question? Does it really make you happy? Do you find an inner happiness and peace by looking at nature with your physical eyes? On the surface it may seem so, but when the darkness, when the evening, when the night is coming and the flowers and surroundings lose their colours, there is something missing, isn’t there? You are looking for something else. Then my friend, you should search within. You should cultivate nature within yourself, the flowers, all that you made to beautify your surroundings in the daylight.

The questions come to your mind. What is this that I see with my mind? What is this, that comes to my mind and I don’t know what it is? Why do I see people that suffer in my mind when I have all these good things around me? Why does my mind bother me with the problems, with the struggles that are there as a carpet camouflaging the beauties of the earth: the flowers, the trees, the grass that is there in the daylight? Well, my friend, it is a spark that is starting to look great within yourself, that wants you to give love, to help the suffering, to eliminate the problems that you have inside you that you have caused yourself. It is there for you to solve. It is there for you to nurture as you do with your flowers.

You can create within yourself the heaven that you create during daylight with the beauty of the nature around you. All the beauties that you create in the daylight with your hands for your material pleasure, you can create likewise within yourself that is of the spiritual kind. Use your intellect, use your hands, to help your fellow beings, to show tolerance, to cast aside selfishness and to raise others. Then, my friend, you will start to build a treasure within yourself that is there for eternity, a treasure that does not rust to mould when you leave this life one day.

It is within that you truly find happiness and peace. Yes, your surroundings on earth give you pleasure and so it should be in nature, but worldly possessions, worldly goods should not be acquired in excess, but in moderation. Why, my friend? Well, remember the thought that we mentioned. People are suffering and you should help them. You should not spend in excess when you see people that are suffering, because that is selfishness, and that is not love for your fellow beings.
It is difficult for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven, if that richness is not of the spirit, but of worldly goods. Remember the saying, that it is far easier for a camel to enter a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God. Happiness you find inside yourself. You find this happiness when you humble yourself, when you live in simplicity, in moderation. Then you achieve peace within yourself.

Happiness and peace go hand in hand. You can’t achieve peace if you are not happy, and you can’t feel happiness when you don’t have peace within yourself. God is there for you with his power of love, that you can reach for and be part of. Search within yourself for the light, for the treasure that you build from the seed of God within.

We are here to help you my friend. We will inspire you when you search for this light within yourself. We want you to have peace and happiness within, and we will help you in your endeavours.

Seek and you will find and the doors will be opened, wide open, and the treasure that you are seeking for will be there for your eyes, a treasure that goes far beyond any worldly goods of the earth, far beyond. The treasure is God, the power of love. There, you will find all that you have ever wanted, and that you will ever want in your eternal life. Peace and happiness you find within yourself.

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