22. Be Mindful


What a lovely day! It is early morning and I have just opened my eyes and watched the sunrays coming in through my window. I can hear my children wake up, because they have just started to sing the tune, the tune of the birds that are singing outside, whistling from the trees. What a lovely day! I feel joy within myself. I get out of bed, pattering to the kitchen, preparing breakfast for my family. I make the morning tea and some slices of bread. My wife is dressing the children, and there they are, running about me, singing the tune of the birds.
Good morning everyone! Let us prepare ourselves for breakfast.

My friend, let us be mindful of ourselves, let us plan our daily activities, let us give our prayer to our Father in heaven for this beautiful day, for being able to have our bread every morning, for being healthy and for enjoying the beautiful morning. All is given to us; all that we take for granted has been given us, and it gives us peace of mind when we get the right perspective of life. That is when we understand life itself, when we know that we are here on earth to learn, to attend the school of life, and when we know that we are here as eternal beings once again upon the earth to enjoy its beauties, to be in our physical body and to experience the material life, and to find our true self.

Children! Let us fold our hands in prayer.

Almighty Father,
Thank you for this beautiful day,
Thank you for giving us our daily bread,
Thank you for raising us spiritually every day,
Thank you for giving us the knowledge of life itself,
Thank you for taking care of us and our brothers and sisters on earth, so we can go forward and be your light and your loving hands on this earth plane,
Thank you for letting us have this moment in time together for being one with you in love.

God bless you. Amen.

Prayer is such a wonderful thing. It creates harmony within the family, gives our minds time for reflection, for bringing love to our brothers and sisters in this world, for making us attuned to the world, and to all that we have in front of us both in Mother Nature and in ourselves.

When you have bread on the table and you know that people are suffering in this world, people that do not have the necessities of life, that are going hungry, then you should remind yourself what kind of fortunate condition you find yourself living within. Be grateful for your conditions, for your life, when you have the necessities, because a life in modesty and simplicity is the life that brings you joy and happiness, brings you peace of mind, because then you can give of yourself, bring your wealth towards the sufferer, towards the children of the earth that are suffering.

Be mindful in every walk of life, be mindful with every task you perform, with every condition in life when you are with your family, at work or when you are just by yourself and reflecting upon the day and what you have achieved, what you brought to the world of yourself, what you have given to your fellow beings of comfort and love.

Be conscientious and diligent in your work, in your everyday activities. Because when you are thorough and careful with your assignments in this world, then you are being mindful, then you are responsible, then you have a clear view of yourself and the day, and the days to come. When you plan ahead, when you evaluate pros and cons in every condition that you find yourself within, then you are a reflective human being, a being that fulfils him/herself, and when you pour love over your pathway in life, you are being mindful, you are being mindful of your brothers and sisters, because it is in love you find your true self, it is in love that you are raising yourself spiritually and bringing the light and the wisdom on your pathway towards your fellow beings in life.

God has revealed to you that everything that you can enjoy in life is of such a creation that you can understand, and he was mindful when he created you and your world. He created love on earth. You can watch the creations that are revealed in Mother Nature and in yourself. Everything has been done with mathematical precision, because he has given you the knowledge that “you reap as you sow”, and your Father has sowed the beautiful morning, the lovely day, and he has sowed the beauties that you can enjoy in nature, he has given you friends on earth for you to be part of. He has given you the birds soaring over you, whistling to you in the morning so you can find peace of mind; he has given you all there is for you to be mindful, for you to learn, for you to find the wisdom of God, the power of the universe, the power of love. Use this power within yourself, so you can explore your world and yourself in such a manner that you become one with him in love, in his consciousness of love. That is where you find the beauty of life itself, because your spirit that you have within, your spiritual self, is part of God, is of God.

You are made of love, and you are here on earth to make your pathway in love, to give love to your brothers and sisters, to extend the love from your Father to the earth plane, so you can take part in the healing work of your world. Healing the world is to be mindful of yourself and your fellow beings, of humanity. Be mindful and be the hands of God, be mindful and be the light from heaven, be mindful and be an angel on earth, because it is in mindfulness you find the wisdom when you reflect on the creation of your Father, and when you fill yourself with love you become mindful of your world.

Care for your world be mindful. Care for the children. Care for every human being. Heal your world.

Create peace – be mindful,
Bring love – be mindful,
Be honest – be mindful,
Become humble – be mindful,
Forgive – be mindful,
Make yourself unselfish – be mindful,
Give of yourself – be mindful,
Shout out for justice – be mindful,
Know God – be mindful,
Find your true self – be mindful,
Bring harmony in your life and to your world – be mindful,
Bring love and peace – be mindful,
Seek the wisdom of God – be mindful.

Be mindful and you find peace of mind, you find your origin, you become one with God in love. Be mindful, my friend, acquire knowledge and the wisdom of God.

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