21. Your friend


Make friendship. And how do you make friendship? My friend, there is only one way to make friendship, and that is to give of yourself, then you make friends with your brothers and sisters on earth. When you behave in a manner that is appreciated, when you show friendliness, kindness and love, when you show truthfulness and honesty to your fellow beings, when you create harmony between you and feel comfortable in their surroundings, and when you find mutual respect and love for each other, you make friendship; you become friends.

Making friends is not to let go of your integrity, is not to let go of yourself to such a degree that you lose your morals or standing in life, that is not to make friendship, that is to take the wrong path in life. You make friendship with other human beings when you feel that they level with you on your moral terms, on your way of life, on your gratitude in life.

It is not difficult to make friends on earth, because that is the natural instinct of everyone to be part of someone else, to be part of a union, a partnership, where love prevails, that is a basic instinct within human beings, but the fundamental values of this friendship must be of love. That is where you will truly find friends that will last, that will go on for a lifetime when you so wish. Everything based on this fundamental value of love is of the spirit within, the spirit of God that you are here on earth to nourish, and you do this by friendship, by giving of yourself.

My friend, you have an unseen friend on the other side of the veil, as you may term your guide, your spiritual guide, and he or she is your friend, is your true friend in life, but people of the earth do not know that they have an unseen friend, that they have one that says to you when you are taking the wrong path, that whispers in your ear, and says: “Hello my friend, you are not doing the right things in life, you must change your behaviour, you must seek another path, a path that will lead to your innermost being, to your own peace and tranquillity, and this can only be found within yourself, within your own mind.” This is your guide speaking to you from the world beyond. Every adult on this earth plane has a spirit guide that watches over them, but when they go astray and the material aspect of life holds them down, it is difficult to give advice because you, with your material mind, will block the communication, will not be receptive. Make sure, my friend, that you climb the ladder of spirituality, that you find your inner self, that you search within and listen to your inner voice where your spiritual guide is waiting for you, waiting to give you good advice in life. When you have found this beauty within, the treasure that you can build with love on the earth plane, that you were given at birth from your Father in heaven, when you find this beauty, you will look upon the sky and say to yourself: “I have a friend, I know now that I have a friend, and I thank you for leading me through the battles of the earth, through my struggles, and I thank you for having shown me the path toward my inner self, towards the beauty of life, where I have found love and peace of heart. That is what I have longed for in life, that is where I want to be and that is where I know I will go when I someday leave my physical body behind on earth. I know now that I am an eternal being. Thank you Father, thank you my angel, my spiritual guide for your guidance in life, thank you for being there, thank you for showing me the right path in life.” This is how you will become aware spiritually of yourself, and when you do that my friend, you will know whom to thank, and you will know that you were led by some friend that wanted you to find your treasure in life.

On earth you will meet people of different spirituality. You will find people that are unaware of the power in the universe, that do not believe they have been created by a power unknown to themselves. But with this in mind they will not find peace of mind, because then they are in wilderness, they have gone astray with their own inner self, because everyone must know that something cannot come for nothing. Your Father, your friend, your Creator made you out of love; love is the principle and the power of the universe. When you lift your eyes upon the sky and look out there in the universe, you see all the stars and the planets, then you look upon Mother Nature and see all the revelations given to you reflect upon this, because all this cannot come from nothing.

You meet people that have climbed the ladder of spirituality, that have peace within themselves, that are satisfied with their lives, even though they do not have much of the material wealth in life. They know that modesty of life is the way of life. They know that your treasure is not in material wealth, but in modesty, in simplicity, because God created all that you need, all the beauties in life that are free, that are given to you.

The springtime is a revelation where all the flowers are blooming, where the sun is shining above you and gives you the wonders of nature. You have a friend in Mother Nature, you have friends in animals, you have friends among trees and flowers, you have friends among fellow beings when you give love, when you give of yourself. When you serve your fellow beings, you make friends, and you establish friendships for life. When you serve, when you give of yourself, when you place yourself last and let others come first, then you make friends, because these are the highest values in life, to humble yourself, to love, to keep your integrity, to find the path in life where you find your beauty that you create within yourself, that you build in love, that you build in love for others.

Make friends, make a chain in your world of friendships. Your world should be a harmonious world where friendship and love for your brothers and sisters are foremost because it is as friends you create peace and love on this beautiful blue planet. It is by making friends you help others, you eradicate suffering and despair of your world.

You see, my friend, making friendship is a beautiful creation, a creation blessed by your Father in heaven, because you are all children of God, you are all one big family and families should be friends.

Create friendship on your pathway in life, and you create friendship by love, the power of God, the power of the universe itself.

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