21. The universe


When you look up to the sky you see during the night endless stars. The universe is infinite and so is your life. It is an evolution. A new star is born, another star dies and so it is with you. You are born and you die from the physical plane, but during your life you are a star. A star that can shine so bright that you will notice the brightness in the sky. That brightness comes with your spiritual awareness, knowing that God is in you and everywhere in the universe. God is infinite as the universe. God is universal. The system of the universe is perfect. God is perfect. Everything is in order. There is a plan, an infinite plan. For the universe is God’s plan.

There is a universe that you need a microscope to discover on earth. You can’t see it with your physical eyes, but it is there. So it is with the spirit world. You cannot see it with your physical eyes, but it is there, another vibration and another substance. The spirit world is endless endless consciousness. We have many spheres, infinite worlds, in our universe. Infinite spheres of being, and infinite spheres of consciousness. You see, the universe is more than you can grasp with your mind in your physical body. That is why you are given the opportunity and the intellect to search and to find answers. There is much to strive for. Your mind would not be satisfied otherwise. There are always new possibilities, because the creation is endless. It is there for your joy, it is there for you to always discover new aspects of life.

My friend, the treasure in life is to seek and find God, to find love within your heart, within your mind, within your whole being. That is your destiny and your future. It is your mind that you need to build in love. The physical aspect of life is only there to help you achieve a higher consciousness. We are all part of the universe, the consciousness of the universe, and our thoughts create our future. Be mindful of your thoughts. They are there as a tool for reaching higher. Your inner self is a universe of your own, and it is infinite. You are an infinite being. By love, peace and harmony in life and by helping others, you raise your inner consciousness and your part of the universal consciousness.

Remember the microscope, the small beings you cannot see with your physical eyes. They have all their tasks to perform and so do you. Even though you don´t see how your tasks can contribute to a universal consciousness, they do. We all have a mission. Strive for your mission, strive for love and strive to love your fellow beings. Then you are on the divine and right path in the universe. Love is universal, and the power of the universe is love.

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