21. The Ocean


The source of life, the blue ocean,
Reflecting the sunlight, the blue heaven,
Twinkling stars,
The source that gives you life on Earth.

A roaring sea, a roaring ocean,
Cascading over the rocks,
Waves in a hurry,
Hitting the rocks, returning calmly, roaring.

A waterfall running, giving fresh water,
Bringing memories from the surface of the earth,
From land to the sea,
Memories that fill the ocean with your own memories,
The thoughts created by humankind, by humanity.
An ocean filled with thoughts reflecting the conditions,
The level of spirituality, in today’s world.
The ocean is a mirror of yourself.

What you give to the ocean, is what you receive.
Climate change,
An ocean rising in temperature,
Man’s foolishness,
Man’s ignorance,
Man’s selfishness,
The ocean gives back what it receives.

Fill the ocean with love, with wisdom,
With care for your fellow beings,
Share the wealth of the ocean.
The ocean is yours, given to you all
For you to find joy and happiness on Earth,
Given to you in love.

Fulfil your destiny,
The ocean that you will become part of one day,
Your memories, your thoughts,
Memories filled with love, thoughts of care
And the ocean,
The twinkling of stars,
The blue heaven mirrored in love will return to you,
To the Creation of love,
The Creation that brought you here,
That gave you life, that gave the ocean life
So you could be one in love for each other.

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