21. The Door is Open


From your scriptures, you have the parable that says: “Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you”. My friend, that door is always open, but you have to find this door. This is the gate to life, because, as you also have from your scriptures, there is a narrow gate and a wide gate, a narrow road and a wide road, and many follow the wide road, and it is told in the scriptures that the wide road ends with destruction, and the narrow ends with life. My friend, use your intellect that cannot be true because that is not a parable of love.

You have to understand the meaning of the parable, because when you follow the narrow road, it is the road of spirituality; it is the road where you have to leave selfishness behind, where you have to humble yourself, where you have to forgive your enemies, where you have to give love, and you have to give yourself to be in oneness with your Father. That is the narrow road. The wide road does not end with destruction but it will end because we all survive death, we are all still alive after the physical body has terminated, when you have left your physical body behind, when you will see your spiritual self still alive. There is no dogma or certain belief necessary to arrive at life. No, my friend, all human beings are children of God, and God is love, unconditional love, and he does not leave any children behind. All will enter the spirit world but as a good parent he will see to it that every child learns the lessons of life, and he has therefore given every one of us free will, and that is why many walk the wide road and enter the wide gate where they still find themselves undeveloped, and where there is a choice to return to earth to enhance oneself, enhance oneself spiritually, because that is the only pathway to our Father, to raise oneself spiritually.

You will have to master the passions of the material world, you will have to find your true self before you can enter the narrow gate, where you can be in oneness, in the love of your Father. That is the meaning of the parable. There is not a segregation of human beings. No, my friend, there is no separation it is just stages of development of your self, and when you do not find yourself in your present earthly life, then you will have many choices when you enter the spirit world, and one choice is to return to earth to learn over again, because your Father is love and just. He gives every child another chance, and then another chance, until his children learn, as you yourself as a father or a mother will let your child try again and again, give another chance and another chance until they learn, and when you see that your child is raising itself, finding itself, and becoming part of the love from God, then you will smile at your child and say that you have been a good parent, because you gave your child all the options and opportunities to raise themselves. Then your child will come to you and say: “Mum and Dad, thank you for giving me another chance, thank for giving me all the opportunities, even though I failed, even though I hurt you even though you gave me all the love all the way”. That is what your Father is doing with every child, all the children on the earth plane. He never leaves any of his children, but they have to learn, they have to see their faults, they have to be exposed to their own faults because that is learning, that is how you experience your own mistakes in life.

The narrow road is a life in modesty, is a life in love for your brothers and sisters on earth, a life in charity, a life where you yourself see how children of the earth misbehave, how they should behave. You are here on earth for a mission, and that is to help and see to it that every child gets the upbringing of love, because your Father does not differentiate between any of his children. There is justice and there is love, as you as a parent also understand towards your own children.

The wide road is there for you to find doors and for you to open up. You have been given all the options in life to do right and wrong, and you yourself must look back on what you sowed. Then you will see the mistakes that you have made. Because if you sow your seeds in good ground, you will see that there is a blossom, a flowering that you can be proud of, but when you sow your seeds on stony places where there is no nourishment, where your seeds will eventually die, then you see that you have sowed on the wrong pathway in life.

Turn your head and see how your pathway has become, and then evaluate and ask yourself what kind of mistakes you have made. Look upon other pathways that flourish, pathways that you admire and want to create as well. Ask what they have done to create such pathways in life. I can tell you how they made such blooming, beautiful pathways. My friend, make yourself unselfish, share with others, treat everyone with love and respect, with kindness and friendliness, and live a life in modesty. Cast aside greed and vanity, be truthful to yourself and others, be honest and cultivate the most beautiful word in your world and in our world, the mightiest power in yourself that you have from God, and that word is love. You can have the same, you can take the same pathways as these lights in your world, because you yourself can be a light for others, you can show the way, you can show the way through the narrow gate, you can make your pathway, widening the narrow road. You can be part of the mission for making this narrow road into the wide road for everyone to walk on your earth plane. You see, my friend, that is healing of your world in practice, to make this road a wide road, the narrow road as the wide road, so everyone can have the beauties in life, so they can sow the seeds in good ground, because when you see the light, you will share with others your knowledge and your resources so your world will come out of suffering, because your world suffers today due to selfishness, pride and misuse of power, and you, my friend, can be a light for the world. You can walk the wide road and be the light. Then, my friend, you have not only opened the door for everyone, but you have shown the pathway in life. The door is open for everyone that seeks, for everyone that knocks. It is open.

My friend, you will understand that the parable is for you to interpret, for you to use your intellect to understand, to comprehend, to find the heaven within yourself. See beyond the dogmas of religion. You must understand, you must use your intellect to perceive right from wrong; you must use your intellect to know that God is unconditional love and he does not segregate, he does not differentiate between, any of his children.

The door is open for everyone, and we all survive death. We are all still alive when we leave our physical body behind. There is life for everyone, but when on earth you climb the ladder of spirituality so you can master materiality, so you can know where to turn your mind, your thoughts. You can be one with your Father. You can be in his oneness, in his love, and that is where you will find your higher self, where you have raised yourself to such a degree where you yourself are love. Knock and the door will be opened. Find your true self, and when you walk in the door there will be such a bright light just in front of you, and a new revelation will come to you, a paradise, a heaven that you did not know existed but you had within yourself because, my friend, heaven is within, God is within you, and when you seek you will find. Ask for guidance, ask in prayer to your Father and he will show you the way, show you the way to the heaven within yourself, to the beauty that he gave you at birth his love for you.

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