21. Sexuality and passions

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In the nature of humankind, the nature of man and woman, of all animals, of all living beings, there are reproduction instincts, which you term sexuality and passions. All these different kinds of instincts are given by God, in love for humanity for them to prosper, to grow and be many, manifold on this planet of earth.

When in love for each other as a man and woman, sexuality is one of your pleasures that you should have on earth, because it should be a pleasure to give birth to a child. When there is no love, and only passions, it must be wrong.

Here on this side of life, there is no need to give birth, because we are all spirits. The passions of the earth have gone when you have developed yourself spiritually. In the lower spheres, there are still spirits that cling to these passions of the earth, and we are real human beings. When you raise yourself spiritually, the passions will disappear, because the spiritual part of you predominates your whole being and you see that the spiritual love is of quite another nature.

In the spirit world you will in full experience the union between spirits in such love and beauty that goes far beyond the sexuality and passions of the earth. The one you love, joins and melts together with you in love and harmony with the blessing from God.

Where there is love, there is no separation.
Where there is love, there is beauty.
Where there is love, there is no selfishness.
Where there is love, you are one. You are one with God in love.

Then, my friend, you see that the passions of the earth were there for you to master, and that the school of life on earth also had the basic instincts within itself for you to learn right from wrong. Where there is love, where love reigns, God is behind and gives his blessings, and wherever you are, love prevails.

My friend, sexuality and passions of the earth should be of the good for humankind that you should enjoy in love. The passions of the earth, the sexuality, is for men and women. We do not differentiate partnership. Homosexuality and heterosexuality is up to each individual. There is no differentiation done by God if partnership is based on love. All must be done in love, pure love, and then it cannot be wrong, because God has created us as we are.

God created man and woman to give birth and so it should be. It is wrong to manipulate, to manipulate the nature given by the Creator. If two people love each other, they are one in the eyes of God. God is love, and where love reigns, where love is the fundament, where love unites people, it is of the nature created by the Almighty. Do everything in love my friend and you cannot go wrong.

Love for your fellow beings; that is charity. Didn’t Christ say, “love your neighbour”? Then, my friend, do exactly that. Christ taught love and nothing else, and so have many other prophets done as well from ancient times. Love prevails, cast aside dogmas that are not of love and let love, the purity of love from God, shine upon your pathway, so you can make the right decisions in your earthly life. Hold back and conquer passions that are not for the good. Enjoy sexuality in love and be many children on earth, children of God.

God created woman and man on earth so they could in his spirit be many and live together in peace and love. Enjoy the earth plane as a school of life. Share with each other, love each other and enjoy the beauties together.

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