21. Perfection


We are all children of God, we are all spirits of the same Creator, and you are brought to this world to enhance your spiritual self, to evolve, to employ your learning to find the wisdom of God on the material plane. When you have found your true self, when you have found the love that you were made of, when you have found the love within yourself that you were given at birth to keep alive in your physical body, when you become love, then you have truly found your true self, you have truly heightened yourself, your spiritual being on the earth. When you have mastered the school of life on this material plane, when you have met the passions of this world that are here for you to conquer, for you to master in life, then, my friend, you have accomplished your schooling, and when you have brought the love of yourself to your brothers and sisters on earth, to your big family, and see yourself as one, one in God and his love for you all, then you have fulfilled your mission, then you have given of yourself, then you have brought your love to this world that you received from your Creator to fulfil yourself, to find yourself.

When you leave the physical plane, you leave your physical body behind, and your spirit survives. Then, my friend, your spirit enters the spirit world, the world beyond, and what you made out of your life, the character you build in love for others, becomes your treasure, heaven within yourself. This you bring with you to the world beyond, and will be your life, your beginning, a beginning of a new life, of a new world where you will use your creative power to perfect yourself, because all through your eternal life, you seek perfection. So what you did not fulfil on the earth plane, you will try to accomplish in the world beyond, and if you feel that you need to go back to the material plane to fulfil your tasks, you may have the option with the grace and the blessing of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother to return to bring your life back in order, or to help other human beings that you left behind and where you felt you had not accomplished your mission on earth. There are many options, there are many routes in life, and you have many choices. On this side of life you will raise yourself further spiritually, and you will see the love that your Father gives when you turn yourself to his wisdom.

We have many planes of life, many worlds, and learning is infinite. Learning is there for you to raise yourself further towards the love, the power of the universe. When we move towards other planes of consciousness, we lose sight of the earth. We do not return to earth when we have climbed sufficiently, when we have climbed to higher spheres, because there is a barrier that cannot be penetrated. The spheres that are close to each other are open for communion, as with our sphere beyond your world where you come when your earthly life comes to an end, as we have now, as we give you our wisdom that we have from our world, as we receive wisdom from other spheres above ourselves.

When we come to the world beyond after our physical death, we see what we made out of our lives on earth, we see the perfection we have reached, and we try to climb further, to rectify our mistakes, to rectify our errors, and we do this by love, we do this by hard work on this side of life, as you yourself can do on the earth plane. You must know the truth, you must have the wisdom of God, and you must know how to perfect yourself on the earth plane. You perfect yourself by love, love for your fellow beings, to help, to be kind, to show friendliness, to share your resources, to look upon your fellow beings as brothers and sisters, because you are one big family, we are one big family, we are all children of God.

In the world beyond we have our ethereal body. When we leave the physical plane, we retain our body as we wear on earth, and this body will suit you for the sphere above the earth plane. But when you climb further you become part of the light. There is a second death, where you retain your individuality, where you retain your true self, but you become part of the light, the light of your Creator. In these spheres there are multidimensional worlds that are inconceivable to your earthly brain, they are beyond your comprehension.

There is so much to learn, there are so many wonderful experiences that you will have in your eternal life, as you have on earth when you seek new adventures, when you use your creative mind and find new doors. My friend, find the door to the wisdom of God, find the door so you can open up your own self and the beauty that you were given at birth to nourish, to bring forward in love for your family on earth.

The wisdom of God gives you perfection, gives you the tools, the revelations, to rectify yourself, to bring yourself to a higher level of consciousness, the consciousness of love. That is where you want to stay, that is where you will find peace of mind, that is where you will find happiness, and you, my friend, can find this treasure within everyone, every one of you, can find this treasure when you find the love, the love that your Father brought to your Planet Earth, that made you, that made all. Perfect yourself, perfect your character; bring love, honesty and truthfulness into your life, and cast aside selfishness, greed and vanity. That is the way to perfect your self, your spiritual self, and by that your physical self. Let your spiritual self dominate your physical self, your physical behaviour, your mind.

Gaze upon the sun. The sun reveals to you the unconditional love of your Father that shines upon you all. That light is your destiny, a light of love given to you on earth. When you have become love yourself, you become a light for the world, and you are of God’s wisdom and consciousness. Love is perfection, love brought to all children of God, love brought to Mother Nature, love brought to the world.

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