21. No Separateness


My friend, you are at present on the earthly plane, but this earthly sphere is part of the spirit world, which is part of the universe, which has many dimensions, which has multiple levels of understanding, of consciousness, spheres and dimensions that go far beyond your comprehension and which are of quite another vibration than your earthly sphere.

Your friends and your loved ones that have passed on, that are no longer on the earth plane, are still part of this gigantic universe, the endlessness, the eternal life, but they are not far from you, because they are in the spirit world, they are in another sphere of life, in another vibration that you cannot see, but they have the possibility to be part of the earthly plane even though they have left their physical body.

We are connected in this universe with our thoughts, with our mind, so when you direct your thoughts to a loved one, to a friend that has passed on to the spirit world, and when there is love between you, then that thought is so strong, that thought is a substance, that thought is an electrical charge, that cannot ever be broken, and your friend, your loved one, will listen and be with you if that is your wish, in that very moment.

There is no separateness. It is you yourself in your physical body with your earthly vibration, which is heavy compared to the light and higher vibration of the spirit world, that causes the feeling of separateness, but I can assure you that your loved ones are watching over you. When you ask for their presence they are with you, and when you speak to them, even though you feel that you just speak out in the air to noone, you do. They are just in front of you, smiling and comforting you. When you raise yourself spiritually, you will know that you are part of the spirit world, even though you still are in your physical body, and when you enter into stillness, they will come to your mind, and they will give you thoughts of love and create a union of love within yourself.

The Bridge of Love is there for you, a creation by your Almighty Father, that you have within yourself, a bridge where you can meet your friends and your loved ones with the blessing from God, when you meet in love. Then there is truly no separateness. Then you will be able to be in communion, a communion between the earth plane and the spirit world, a communion between the spheres in the universe.

The scriptures of the past have made hindrances to achieving such communication between the living and what you call the dead, but we are more real and more alive than you yourself in your physical body. When you have the love within yourself and you seek departed souls that are part of your love, you are in the hands of God on the Bridge of Love where there is no separateness, where you can be in union with your Father.

You are an eternal being, and when you came to the earth plane, when you were received at birth, you departed from the spirit world to the earth plane of your own choice and will. You came to the earth plane to learn in the school of life, and your friends and your loved ones in the spirit world sent their blessings with you. They have followed you in life, and you knew that in your time on earth, when you were awake, there would be a veil between you, but you also knew that in sleep you could be together.

When you have raised yourself and learned the lessons of the earth, when you have raised yourself spiritually, you have the comfort of knowing that you can be with your loved ones and friends during sleep even though you cannot remember, but on the Bridge of Love you will have it confirmed. You can be in real communion, because when you truly want to break that barrier, to fill yourself with the love of your Father, to be in union with God, then there is truly no separateness, because God is love, and in love there is no separateness.

It is a matter of knowledge, knowing the laws of the universe, the laws of God. People of the earth are blindfolded. They do not know. They do not have the knowledge of the Bridge of Love that is there in the spirit of your Father, but your world is in progress and the knowledge of the spirit world will reveal itself to humankind. It will not be a revolution, but part of the evolution. For the people that seek, the door shall be opened. First seek God and his love. Raise yourself in his love, give love to your fellow beings, the children of the earth, give of your self, and help wherever you can.

Charity is a word of honour. Raise yourself in charity towards your neighbour, towards God´s children, share and love, then you raise yourself towards God. Selfishness, unfriendliness and passions of the earth are barriers to the knowledge within God’s wisdom. Love is the key to the kingdom of God, and with love you can never go wrong, because then you are in the hands of the Almighty Father.

My friend, there is no such thing as separateness. We are all one. We are all children of God and in love our communion is unbreakable. Go forward and know that you are part of God’s creation, that you are an eternal being, and that you can never ever die. We in the spirit world, on the other side of the veil, send our love to you. Your loved ones are still with you.

We bring this knowledge to you for your comfort.
We bring this knowledge to you in love.
We bring this knowledge to you so you can raise yourself spiritually.
We bring this knowledge to you so you can have love in your heart.

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