21. Become an Angel


In your lifetime you have met people that are so sweet and kind and that give so much love of themselves, that you term them angels. Sweetness and kindness are so much appreciated, and you use the expression ‘angel’ when you want to glorify someone, to thank them for their help, for being an angel in your life.

And what is an angel? It is a human being that has climbed the ladder of spirituality, that knows that kindness and love is foremost, and is of God. When you ask God for his assistance, you might say: “Please Father in heaven, send an angel to my people so they can have peace of mind, so they can find their true selves, so they can be guided to your paradise and to heaven within themselves.”

You see, angels are here on earth as well as in heaven, because angels are doing the will of their heavenly Father. Angels are sweet and kind, angels are love, angels are there to help you in whatever situation you find yourself, and angels come to you to guide you. They are the messengers of God. They are the helping hands of your Almighty Father.

Become an angel, my friend, and you are travelling the path towards God, towards goodness, towards kindness, towards his love, and towards love within yourself. Angels have conquered the passions of the earth. Angels are pure and know that the passions of the earth are a hindrance, passions of the negative sort. When you say that love is a passion, it is truly so, but if you pour kindness and sweetness into that passion, then love is beautiful. Love is a wonderful expression of God’s divinity. Passions that are there to conquer are selfishness, greed, vanity, and misuse of power. These are passions that are there to break you down, your spiritual self, to make fractures in that ladder that leads you to your higher self.

You, my friend, can be an angel. You can be an angel when you are here on earth. You can heal, give love, give charity, and give a helping hand to your brethren, to your fellow beings. You can be the hands of God when you are in the physical flesh. You can become an angel. You can evolve to be an angel; you can evolve into a sweet kind individual where love dominates your whole self, when you have said farewell to the passions of the earth that are there for you to master in life.

Be a messenger of God, be a messenger of love, because love is God. Love is the power of the universe, and you can partake and be one with this power. What a wonderful task you have. What a wonderful mission you can have on earth. You can be that angel that joins forces with the angels of heaven to heal your world, to show every individual on your pathway that love is the seed that will blossom, that will create the heaven within yourself, the paradise you are searching for and that you want to be part of, God’s kingdom of pure love.

There are many mansions in heaven, and there are many mansions on earth. You can fill your heart with love, you can be at peace with yourself, and then you will enter a mansion where these conditions prevail, where such tranquillity and beauty is the heavenly light, and you are part of the angelic force of your Father. We are all God´s children, but we are here on earth to raise ourselves spiritually so we can, every one of us, be an angel, be part of this angelic force of our Father in heaven, so we can be one in our task to bring kindness and fairness, to end war, hunger and cruelty on earth, so we can show the way, so we can be the light for others to follow, so we can be the angelic light for the world, to heal the world with love, for an angel is pure love, unconditional love as your heavenly Father is, as you can be part of and evolve into.

Angels you have from the scriptures and, my friend, they have no wings, but if you would like to have wings as an angel, then that is your decision. You make your being because your thought makes the beauty you would like to be. You are an angel with or without wings. We are human beings in the spirit world, and we are angels, messengers of God. Angels are bringing the message of God that is pure love. That is an angel, my friend, and angels are human beings. We are human. We are as yourself, and we have evolved to humble messengers, humble servants, humble angels of the Almighty Spirit.

Angels are no fairy tale.
Angels are real.
Angels are of God
Angels do the will of their Father in heaven.
Angels are sweet and kind.
Angels are righteous.
Angels are truthful and honest.
Angels are there for you to be in peace with yourself.
Angels are there to help you in your daily life, if you let them do so.

Spirit guides, guardian angels, do the will of your Father, and that is why they are angels. They are his servants that bring the love of their Father to heal wherever they can, to bring light to earth so the sun of God can reveal itself in every human being. Call upon an angel; your guardian angel, your spirit guide, and ask for guidance. Ask your guardian angel to guide you in your life, to find peace with yourself, to help wherever you can, to give charity and to sow love on your pathway in life, because one day, my friend, you will experience that what you sowed, you reaped, and that is the law of cause and effect, the law of the universe. You can never hide from this law. It will reveal itself to you one day. Do not hide because nothing is hidden for the eyes of the Almighty Spirit, everything is open. You are just fooling yourself if you think you can hide secrets from your heavenly Father. You, my friend, can open up yourself, and be one with your Father in love. Walk the path of truthfulness, evolve your inner self into kindness; be kind to every person you meet, as you would have them do unto you, because what you do unto others you do unto yourself.

Angels just know and see everything because they have the eyes of God. Angels are pure love, as is your heavenly Father. Let love be your way of life. That is the only way in life to be and become an angel. Beautify with love, paint yourself inside out with love, let love reign over your heart, let God be within your whole being, let God be the light to carry forward, and you become an angel when you are on the earth plane, an angel that people will look upon and say: “What a wonderful kind and sweet person.” You can be that person you can be that angel.

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