20. Your Mind


The ocean, the water in your world is the memory of your self and humanity from ancient times. It carries the picture of your self. It is the consciousness of your world. The atoms and molecules of the water can be influenced by your consciousness, and you can, with research, experience and find the answers to your own consciousness; how it behaves and how you can influence your own mind. Because you yourself are mostly water, your mind is influencing your self, your physical body, because your mind is your spirit, your soul, that is part of your self and influences every atom and molecule of your body. Your physical body and spirit are one, but your mind is of your spirit. You use your physical brain to acquire information from your mind. You bring information to your brain, the information that you have in your spirit, and the brain processes the information and gives you the thoughts and the words that are coming out of your mouth. Your thoughts have been in your brain and dealt with by your intellect and thereby processed. You are equipped with a subconscious and a conscious mind that are similar to a computer, that you are familiar with, that has storage and a processor, but your mind is not of your physical body, but of your spirit within.

When you in your life build up your consciousness from your experience, you are actually transferring this information to your spiritual self, that is, your consciousness and your subconscious mind. Your physical self is your outward experience, your outward expression of your mind. The social sciences’ belief is that your physical self has all the information, and it is gone when you leave your physical body. They do not realise that your real self is your spirit, your eternal self, that has had many lives in this and other worlds, and that you have acquired infinite information from past lives. You are here on earth in this school of life, to acquire additional information, additional experience from the material plane, so your spirit can raise itself towards God, towards the infinite love, that is, the infinite consciousness of the universe, because we are all one, we are oneness. I know that this is difficult to understand because it is something that you cannot see, but that you have to experience within yourself. It is something that is in your intuition, and what is your intuition my friend? It is the history from ancient times that you have built up within yourself, so you know. It is your sense that you cannot understand sometimes because you receive answers to problems that you could not perceive and understand with your present knowledge. It is implanted in your spirit. It is something you carry with you from earlier life, from the life you came from, the life you came from before birth on this material plane, on this beautiful blue planet of yours.

You have your thoughts, your perception. You have all the experiences acquired in your life and in previous lives. You have your intellect and that intellect is not made of your brain, it is from your spirit, but it may be distorted in your brain, because your brain is of the physical kind and your physical body is a hindrance to your past, and that is part of your life on earth. You are not to see your past lives. You are to concentrate on this life, but you should know that you are an eternal being, because when you know this, you will change your behaviour in life. You will know that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself, and that is what you carry with you after your physical death, after you leave your physical body behind.

Your spirit is alive, is eternal, and when you leave this earth and see what you made out of your life, then you will understand that life on earth was there for you to raise your spirituality, was there for you to master the passions of the material life, was there for you to raise yourself towards the universal consciousness, the consciousness of love, and this is where you want to travel when you know yourself, when you know your inner self, your spiritual self, your real self.

Social sciences try to teach how to know yourself, but they only realise that your mind is part of your physical body, your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, but, my friend, that is not all, that is only part of your physical material plane. Your real self is the spirit, the spiritual being, and that is what they should concentrate on as well, because your physical body and your spirit are one and you cannot treat them separately. They are part of each other and social sciences should make their efforts to understand the spirit within. They should walk the Bridge of Love and look for answers that they have no idea about, that they have no previous knowledge of, because they term it as occult, but in this occultism, you will find the answer to yourself, you will find your eternal self. We encourage people of the earth to search for answers, to search for their ancestors, to search for God that they are part of, because there is no separateness in the universe, everything is one. We are part of each other, that is why I tell you that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself, because we are one.

Meet us on the Bridge of Love and in that expression you know that love must prevail before you can reach us, before you can have communion with your ancestors of the material world, so you can achieve understanding, so you can have the apprehension of your own life, so you can fulfil yourself and know that we are here for your future, for you to prosper, to have peace of mind, to find the love within yourself that you were given by your Almighty Father. We are here to give you the good things in life. We are here to help you. We are here to guide you, to find God, because God is your answer for your research, because nothing can be achieved to understand life if you do not have God as your pathway, and God is love. Love is your answer for reaching the highest within, for reaching the knowledge. Go beyond the school of science of the earth.

Theology is belief, and theology will not search because dogmas prevent them from searching their true selves. They are not in that position as you are in social science where you have the freedom to express, to find answers that are hidden. Your masters of the past of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, they would, more than you know, come back to you and tell you that they were wrong, that they did not know that they would survive their physical body, that the mind was not of the physical kind, it was of the spiritual kind, and that you are more than you can see and perceive with your physical eyes. They will come back and help you if you search for them. They will partake in the knowledge of your material understanding, so you can raise yourself, so you can bring the light and the knowledge forward to your brethren, so you can find the truth about yourself.

We are all one. We are all in the universal consciousness. We are all part of this ocean of intellect, of knowledge, of experience, of thoughts. Build a ship of love, build the ark of love and travel the ocean and you will experience that when you pour love in to the water, it will behave differently than when you pour troubles into the same water. You see, love will expiate, will repair and crystallise the water in such a manner that you can mirror yourself in that love, in that love that you have brought into the water, when you have filled yourself with the same water, the same love from God. The ocean is the mirror of your world, of your thoughts, of your souls, of your consciousness.

Your mind is tremendous, and you can tap the consciousness of the universe because you are part of the same source. It is open for you when you become spiritual, when you seek for answers with the right attitude, with the hands that search with pure intentions. Then you will find answers of yourself, answers of your mind, answers to your real self, to your real mind and you will find peace of mind because then you will have the knowledge.

Knowledge dispels fear, and it is there, the knowledge, open to you to erase fear and to walk forward in love, in love for humanity. You can be part of a great discovery. You can demystify the truth of life. Search and the doors will be open. Open your mind for the love that you are part of through your Almighty Father.

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