20. Union with God


We are all children of God, and that is why we say that we are one. We are one in his spirit. He created man and woman in his picture to have his children on earth in a family, a family with father and mother, a family that raises one or many children, that you regard as one unity and a family of your own.

Now, when either the mother or the father or one of the children withdraws from your family because they want to travel another pathway than being part of the family, then you do not have unity anymore. So it is with your Father in heaven. You are part of him, you are part of his family, but if you travel your own pathway away from your Father, you are no longer in his unity. Similarly, when you are walking away from your earthly family, you distance yourself from that unity, and there may be many reasons for this. It can be that you did not find the love you were searching for. It can be that you chose to experience other walks of life or you were taken by the earthly passions.

Being one with your Father in heaven, to have the unity with your Father, is something that you will have to strive for. Even though you are part of his spirit, you may go astray, and it may have been the same that moved you apart from your earthly family, or that your spiritual pathway was not sufficiently open for your eyes.

God is love and to be in his unity, you have to fill your heart with love. You have to do the will of your Father to be in unity with him. Then you might ask: “How do I do the will of my Father?” I can say this to you, which you also have in your scriptures: To be in union with God, you will have to bring and give love, you will have to be truthful to yourself, you will have to be honest with yourself, you will have to be honest towards your fellow beings and with everything that you perform. In any walks of life you have to be truthful and honest because your Father in heaven is pure love and in that you find truthfulness and honesty. You will have to cast aside the need for power, you will have to humble yourself, and you will have to show kindness towards all human beings, towards all living beings, towards Mother Nature, you will have to let go of vanity and greed, and you will have to cultivate love so you yourself can be pure in heart.

You see, my friend, all these attributes are there for you, given to you by your Father, and they are there to raise your self, so you can be in union with your Creator. Your Father is unconditional love. He is the good parent and he will let the door stay open. He has given you the seed, and when he sees the spark within your soul, that you are on your spiritual pathway in life, he will come to you and reveal himself and his wisdom. He will open the pathway and bring the light in front of you, but you will have to do the will of your Father to stay in union with him. This you will know yourself when you climb the ladder of spirituality, when you feel that dishonesty is the wrong path, when you feel in heart that there is trouble when you are dishonest with yourself and with others, and when you are not truthful to yourself, you will feel the pain within yourself. Then, my friend, you are getting closer to God, his love and paradise, the heaven that you have within. Then you are beautifying yourself, both in your own eyes and in the eyes of your Father in heaven.

When it becomes a truth to yourself, that truthfulness is the only way of life, then you are truly one with your Father in heaven, then you are truly one in spirit.

When you see the Bridge of Love in front of you, the gate of pearls, the pearls of love, then you are close and know that heaven is part of yourself. Then you know that you are an eternal being, a spirit that will never die, and that you are part of God.

On the Bridge of Love, you have to be in union with God, if not the bridge will be fragile. Then communication is difficult. Then communion with your friends and your loved ones on the other side of the veil is disturbed and blurred, because love must prevail for building the Bridge of Love, to be in communion with your Father in heaven and his children on the other side of life.

You see, union with God, union with the spirit world, must be a union in love.

Love unites.
Love creates friendship.
Love binds us together.
Love makes you unselfish.
Love makes you humble.
Love is of God.
Love raises you.
Love is healing.
Love must be nurtured.
Love is the precious diamond you have deep within.
Love is the mightiest power in the universe.
Love, unconditional love, is God.

You are part of your Creator, you have the seed of God within, and you can be in union with him. You can be as one.

My friend, you know the pathway to your Father in heaven, you know now how to be in union with him. You go and find that bright light within yourself, and you will then know that there is only one way to tread in life and that is towards God, and then you will know that the will of your Father is also your own will, finally, because then you have raised yourself towards his consciousness, his consciousness of love. You can be one with your Father. You can be in his love, which is the heaven within yourself.

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