20. Spiritual progress


Spirituality is the key to finding your pathway and to mastering the difficulties of the earthly path. When you walk this pathway, overcoming the struggles, you will find an inner light. This light will give you energy for your mission that is of love for your fellow beings. With the progress of spirituality, when you really find your pathway, you can never go wrong because you have already the light in front of you, the light that shines from God. When you have achieved the inner clarity of who you are, of what your duties are on earth, what your tasks are, you will be filled with joy, because your inner self is in no doubt anymore for your journey, your neverending journey.

Your life on earth is your school of life in the material world that you have to accomplish. Nothing is given to you, if you are not striving, that is of the spiritual kind because you can inherit material goods.

What you have inside yourself is your intuition, and this intuition you can decide yourself to follow or not. It is an intuition given to you by God, an intuition you have from your eternal life. We have all the potential to raise ourselves to the highest, because that is the will of God. That is your birthright in this life on earth to raise yourself towards the highest spiritual being that you can ever attain when on the earth plane. That is in simplicity; love for your fellow beings, unselfishness and creating within you the pathway of honesty and responsibility.

You are on earth to share and help each other, to cast aside greed and the greed for power, power in its simplest form that is power over other human beings, which is of the negative sort. Responsibility towards others is of the positive kind. Power over human beings done in selfishness and vanity, and power that presses people down is wrong, is bad. It does not lead to the spiritual pathway, to the light of God. The power of light, the power that is of love, is the power to help other beings in need, power to raise humankind to the best for all, and power to raise yourself in love for all people of the earth. This power is of God, because God is love, and his power is love, which is the mightiest force in the universe. You can have this power of love within yourself, and you can create it by raising yourself spiritually.

You will be loved, because then you are love. God is unconditional love, and to raise yourself to the highest, unconditional love is the answer. The power of love will give you such a light within that love is the only thing that you can give. There is no spur of unselfishness in love, there is no greed, nor greed for power, there is only love. That is your pathway, that’s how you progress spiritually. See my friend, if you can take just a small step towards unconditional love, you will progress, and you will climb the ladder and reach peace within. Find a new horizon, a treasure that you will be fond of, that will give you the feeling within that is of God, that is of love. My friend, love is the answer to your spiritual progress.

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