20. Miracles or nature’s law


Mankind is equipped with nature’s laws that it does not understand and cannot comprehend. Many things that are shown to mankind are beyond science that you know of today. There are powers in the universe that cannot be measured due to its intricate and complex environment that you should operate within to understand. See, the power of God does not follow the scientific approach of human beings. It is far beyond. When the signs of the earth, as you call miracles, do not give repetitive answers in the same manner as with material scientific methods, scientists or researchers disclose facts as not scientific proof. But I can tell you this, that when you have the right environment with a loving atmosphere, with humbleness, with the right kind of energy surrounding you, then you will have repetitiveness and you will have results that will prove to mankind that they only know a fraction of nature’s laws.

We know exactly what scientists are afraid of when proposing results on spiritual phenomena that are obvious, but that cannot be scientifically proved. They are afraid of losing their credibility. To them I can say this: Someday you will be proven right. Do not give up, go forward and you will be guided and helped by the spirit world from scientists that are eager to help, eager to accomplish the tasks of the earth that they themselves didn’t either have the courage or knowledge to disclose when they were on earth. Show your world your results when you are still alive in your physical body.

My friend, there are no miracles. Everything is according to nature’s law. Healing is the power of love, which is as real as every material substance on earth. Listen to your inner self, find your own spirituality and you will comprehend the complexity of the universe. When we use healing as an example, I can say to you this: There will be no healing effect without the right attitude, without love, tolerance and humbleness. Didn’t Christ say “Do you believe”, he was trying by that to obtain the energy for healing. Christ showed the way, and the people of the earth do not want to listen. You need to be at one with the Father in heaven, in love and peace within yourself for healing to work, for the power to work.

When the power of what you call Telekinesis is shown, it is beyond your comprehension. Telekinesis is the power of the mind lifting objects. For an object to level out gravity and raise itself from physical matter, it needs to apply the energy of love, the energy that is not known to the world of materiality. But it is there; it is real, because you can see the object lifting itself with your physical eyes. It is not an illusion anymore. We encourage the people of the earth to investigate with an open mind and a humble heart, and for those that are seeking, the door will be open. In the right conditions, you will be able to explore the power of love, the power of thought, the power of God. It is a challenge to you given by the Almighty Father. Conquer yourself; go beyond the material aspect of scientific research, then you will find the treasure and the truth of life. Connect with the spirit world. We are not dead people, we are alive, we are more alive then you ever imagine.

For us, thoughts, the substance of thought is what we apply to create. We create our surroundings by thought. We are of the creative world and you are of the mechanical world. Let us meet in between and exchange ideas, exchange the knowledge of the universe. Come into communion with us, and we will show that everything is nature’s law, and that there are no miracles. Expand your outlook, don’t limit yourself to the material aspect, reach higher, and reach above your present mind to the spiritual level. There is your treasure in life.

Your thoughts are more then just air. They are real, they are of substance, they are as real as yourself, your physical self. When you transfer your thoughts to another person you go by Telepathy. So when you know that Telepathy works, you have to stretch yourself further and see what you can explore with your mind inside yourself, because that is where your heaven is. You create your heaven inside yourself, the heaven you will meet on this side of life, because what you create you shall receive. Create love and you shall receive love within your mind. You create your own paradise, which is your consciousness. Everything is there in your mind. Nothing is lost. Do not expect miracles on either side of life. Everything is nature’s law, which is cause and effect. You reap as you sow. It is there for you to discover the realities of the universe given by the Almighty for his love for his children on earth.

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