20. Children of the Earth


When children are out playing, when you hear their joyful laughter, when you see children smile, when you see other children comforting their brothers and sisters because they unfortunately fell on the ground, when you see them raise them up again smiling at them and then laughing again, when you see them running around singing beautiful tunes, when you see them whispering in each other’s ears and then they suddenly start to laugh and jump around, it fills your heart with joy, it fills your whole being with love, love for the children, because the children are of God, are born in purity, and with their small hands, they tell you that life is here for you to help others, to help every child, because these small hands are so beautiful and kind, are so clean and untouched by the passions, the passions that hold you down. Children of the earth are your beloved friends; they are here to show you heaven on earth, because they are truly creating heaven on earth with their innocence, with their beautiful friendship, with their kindness, with their love for each other from the very beginning.

You see, my friend, children of God created heaven on earth when the word love was among them, but the passions of the earth with its materiality create a fence between the heaven of love that you can have on earth, and the material world where selfishness and cruelty are humanmade. God created heaven on earth from the beginning, and the human race has transformed the material world into a world of suffering and despair.

Look upon the children, learn from the children, learn from them that love must be the union, must be what keeps you together. That is the only seal in life that is of God, and that is paramount for your world to prosper. Love is of God, and love is transparent in the children. They are born with beautiful small hands, with beautiful small faces that smile at you with such innocence, with such beautiful eyes, eyes of heaven, eyes that ask you to treat them with respect and dignity, that ask you to provide for them so they can a have a prosperous life, so they can have love in their heart when they grow up as an adult, so they can be the hands of their Father as they were meant to be when they were born. You have a huge responsibility, and you as a parent must understand that heaven on earth is of God, and the children are there stretching their hands to show you the pathway that they have from their Father, and they want you to hold their hands so they can show you the oneness in love, the oneness with your Father in heaven.

You were once a little child, you were born to this world, you are one of the children of the earth, and you were given the opportunity to raise yourself spiritually. You were one of these small hands from the beginning when you saw the daylight, the adventure in life on this beautiful blue planet. Let this adventure be a mission to fulfil yourself, to create peace on earth, to hold the hands of every child on this very earth plane so you can form a circle around your globe, so you can sing the song of love to Mother Nature, so you can find your beauty in life, so you can see with your inner eyes, this beauty, this treasure that you can build in love, that was given to you as a spark when you were born to this earth plane.

You are a spirit, you are an eternal being, and you are of God. You were made out of love, and God is your Father. God is love, and he made you out of himself, out of love, out of his consciousness, the power of the universe that you all are part of, but that you have to find within yourself. When you live with a material aspect of life, and do not find your spiritual self, you create separateness between yourself and your Father, because the passions of your world, the material aspect, are there for you to raise yourself spiritually, to find the love that you were given from your Father at birth.

You are given all the capabilities to find your true self, to raise yourself from the material aspect of life, because that is there to sustain life, to give you a harmonious and prosperous life here on earth. But it will not give you peace of mind, it will not find the heaven that you can create within yourself, it will not give you the treasure of life that does not rust to mould. No, my friend, you have to find your spiritual self, you have to look at the children that do not care about the material aspect of living when they are playing out there in the fields, when they smile and look at you with their beautiful eyes, when they stretch their hands towards you and ask you to hold them so they can give you the love from heaven. You see, my friend, children are in heaven, and they are creating heaven on earth before the material aspect of life is given to them. You have to give them a balanced view of the material and the spiritual life, so they can understand themselves, so they can find their true self. That is your mission in life, your responsibility as an adult, to give the children a way of life that gives them the right perspective of this material world.

There is always a new generation coming up from your earth plane. Small children that are filled with expectancy, that are filled with love, that are here for a new adventure in life, that are here to learn, to attend the school on earth so they can raise themselves above the materiality of your world and find their spirituality, and you as a parent have a duty to perform. You have to show them the way. You can be a light for them; you can show them the way of life that will raise them towards love, towards God. You can show them that a life of unselfishness, a life where honesty and love are foremost is the way to find their treasure in life.

You can be the hands of God, and you can stretch your hands towards all children and give them the love of your Father, the love of the universe. You can all hold hands and be together in love and peace. You can create a harmonious life on earth so you can have what your children created with their small hands at the very beginning, heaven on earth. Let that be a new dimension to life in yourself. And you that are filled with selfish thoughts, that are filled with thoughts that cause suffering and despair in your world, let the children, the small beautiful hands and their innocent eyes, tell you that that is your Father’s creation, and that is how to create, that those are the hands you treat your Mother Nature with and form your world with the hands of the little children.

Look once again upon the little hand of the child. It has a beauty of its own, and it has a wonderful effect on you when that little hand touches your face, touches your nose, touches your mouth, touches your ears, touches your eyes, that you in admiration close, and suddenly you feel the beauty within yourself, the harmonious link between you and the child. The small hands can make wonders in your world, when you reflect on this creation of God. The little hand is a symbol of love, a symbol of God touching your face. Let this hand form your face into a smile; let this small hand form your heart into a noble creation, let this small hand show you that kindness and friendliness is the pathway in life, let this small hand wipe your tears because those tears are love, love from your innermost being, your spiritual self, the beauty that you were given at birth from your Father, the beauty that you are here to nourish on this earth so you can, when you enter the world beyond, be a little child and have the small beautiful hands of God, when you enter for a new adventure in the world beyond, because that is heaven on earth, that is heaven as you have from the beginning.

Children of the earth are your future. Children of the earth are here to show you the creation of God, children of the earth are here to reveal God on earth, and children of the earth are of God. Give the children the love and the beauty that you have within yourself, and let that love join you together so you can be one in the consciousness of love, the consciousness of your Father. You are all of the same Creator, you are all spirits of the Almighty spirit, and you are all eternal beings. Children of the earth are of God. Children of the earth are from heaven, and when they come and see the daylight of your world, you yourself see heaven on earth.

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