20. Ask for Guidance


“Do not let your heart be troubled, have faith in God” – these are words that you have from your scriptures that were written in ancient times, but are still alive. Many in your world on the earth plane are worried, live with fear, live with a feverish anxiety, because they do not know themselves. They regard the material world as the only world. They see the universe, and they see the stars and they know of other planets, they see the sun every day, but they cannot comprehend that they themselves are a creation by God.

When they only reflect on the material life, it causes fear in their mind, because they see all the suffering of your world; they see the cruelty, they see what people, other human beings can do towards other human beings, they see all the violence, and all these pictures fill their minds and their hearts with thoughts that are of the material kind, that are here on earth because of inhumanity, selfishness, greed, vanity and misuse of power. People do not know themselves because the material aspect of life is the priority of your world to such a degree that it conceals the spiritual aspect.

The religions of your world should be the aspect of spirituality, but the dogmas within these religions, dogmas written in ancient times, have been misinterpreted and misunderstood in many ways. When there is no love in the beliefs, then they must be wrong. Every dogma should be of love, and when you know that your Father in heaven, your God, is unconditional love, then you should reflect within yourself and reason about the dogmas. Use your intellect to understand. The time is now to see that everything given by God is love. Watch Mother Nature and all the revelations. Look at the beauties that are given to you the flowers, the trees, the ocean, the sun, the sky, all the living creations of animals, everything in perfect harmony, everything in order, because your Father keeps everything in order, every atom in the universe, everything is in its place. The law of cause and effect governs everything everything, my friend.

Have faith in God, because faith is love, love for your Father. Trust in your Father. If you can only trust in love and release yourself from dogmas, from religions that cause you problems, that are unreasonable, that do not go along with your intellect, with your logic, then, my friend, you are on the right pathway in life, when you see that love is foremost, that you should be part of an operation to heal your world, to give love, to raise humanity towards a higher understanding of themselves, to a higher spirituality, so the people of the earth can help each other, can give each other the right nutrition, both of the physical and the spiritual kind.

My friend, God is there for you. He gave you the divine spark when you were born here on earth to fulfil yourself in a physical body, to raise yourself in spirituality, to be a good citizen of the earth, and a good citizen helps their brethren, helps everyone on their pathways so they can be a good neighbour, and as Christ said, “Love your Father and love your neighbour”, that is foremost in life, to be of such spirituality as Christ was, that should be your prayer. He was one with our Father, he loved his Father and he loved his neighbour. And so can you, my friend. You can have the same spirituality as Christ; you can be as he was. He was the way, the truth and the light, and so can you be, my friend. You can show the world the light, you can raise yourself to such spirituality when you turn yourself to God and pray for guidance. When you ask for guidance you will be met by love, you will be met by his messengers, his angels in your life, and they will walk beside you and give you good advice, give you good guidance in your life.

God as a good parent watches over you, but to be in oneness within him in his love, you will have to take part of his work on earth, his healing work, that is going on every day by human beings that know the truth, that have raised themselves spiritually, that know that what they do to others, they do to themselves. When they give themselves, they nourish the divine spark within and build up a treasure that is kept alive and not destroyed by moth and rust, a treasure that they can bring along to the world beyond one day. But this will be your treasure on earth as well. It will beautify you. You will have peace of mind when you raise yourself spiritually, when you ask for guidance, when you in prayer to your Father ask for his advice, ask for him to follow you, to keep you in his hands, so you yourself can be of his hands on earth, so you can give love and tell the truth to everyone that crosses your pathway in life. You, my friend, can find your pathway in life that is blessed by your Father in heaven.

Pray and it will be given to you. It will be a light that you can follow with clarity in mind. When you ask in love, when you ask for guidance, it will be given to you. Do not have any doubt, have faith in God. Be part of the healing work for your world. When you ask your Father for a role as a humble servant of his army, your hands will be brightened, will be cleaned, will receive the power of love, and you can go forward with confidence that you have God and his servants behind you his servants from the spirit world. Because we want to heal the world, we want to see every child joyful and happy, we want to erase selfishness and the suffering that this passion releases in your world. We want to erase misuse of power, we want people to realise the truth of life and that any misuse of power holds you down, causes you trouble in your own mind, and keeps you far from God’s plans for humanity and for your earth plane. People that misuse power are in the wilderness, they do not understand themselves, they do not have the knowledge of the truth of life, they do not know that they are eternal beings and that they have to meet their own behaviour on the other side of the veil. They have no treasure within themselves, and they will come emptyhanded to the spirit world.

But there is an option for everyone. They can turn their face to God now, and when they ask for guidance, he will listen and he will give advice, good advice, so, my friend, you can turn today towards the truth of life, towards the truth of yourself. You can turn and become a servant, a humble servant of your Almighty Father, today, so you do not need to go emptyhanded spiritually on the earth plane and in the spirit world.

God is always there, and he awaits the flickering of your spirit, of the divine spark within yourself, and when there is that light, when you find your real self, your true self and you climb the ladder of spirituality and give love to your brethren and sow love on your pathway, he will take your hand and give you guidance, he will follow you.

My friend, it is time to reflect on your life, it is time to reflect on your behaviour, it is time to see the truth of life: that you are an eternal being, that you are here on earth to evolve and to be a good neighbour, to help and give love to the brothers and sisters of your world. Ask and you shall be given, and you shall be shown the way towards oneness with your Father, towards his unconditional love, towards the truth of life, towards his wisdom, so you yourself can be purified for your mission on earth.

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